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Recent content by Belergon

  1. Belergon

    Closed Halloween Contest Part 4

    Puzzle 1: F4 Puzzle 2: F1 Puzzle 3: C5 Puzzle 4: D2 Puzzle 5: A4
  2. Belergon

    Petition for the reinstatement of the guild Dragonstorm on Korch

    I support the idea. If there is any way to reinstate, then I am behind it.
  3. Belergon

    Fixed: GB Levels being deleted with Donator FPs

    Not to mention that I have lost 67 levels from my Kraken, I am loosing daily lots of fp because of that. Not to mention all the thousands of invested fp into various Krakens. I am certain that if Inno is capable of deducting fp from exploiters then they are more then capable of adding all the...
  4. Belergon

    Champion of Korch

    Belergon - Oceanic Future - The Pirate Ship - 228744 Points
  5. Belergon

    Update Update 1.93

    Thanks for the update guys and girls. Shame they didn't mention it in update notes, but yes, it is still working in all places as far as I have seen, when you click on icon:)
  6. Belergon

    Update Update 1.93

    It is not possible to visit players city nor the GB anymore from ranking lists. Why so?
  7. Belergon

    Champion of Korch

    Belergon - Arctic Future - The Pirate Ship - 165600 Points
  8. Belergon

    Pool Aiding

    Tick on/tick off button would be good. You don't always want to aid absolutely everyone. Someone doesn't aid you for years so I don't want to aid them back either. But aiding plus tavern visiting does take way too long and is complete waste of time. There is lots more useful things to do then...
  9. Belergon

    The Arc is too powerful

    -1. It has been way too long now that way and start implementing changes like that ow would only be completely unfair to those who have not reached the level 80. If you want to make a difference like that then might as well roll every GB back to level 0 and remove all the FP packs they have...
  10. Belergon

    Champion of Korch

    Belergon - Arctic Future - The Pirate Ship - 141728 Points
  11. Belergon

    FoE wide ranking list

    Spies can do much harm indeed:) But as you say Markp, you have done well with your new guild and do you think that you wouldn't like to be recognized in a list what would show your achievements? And you are a good example in that case to show how well a young and not so well established guild...
  12. Belergon

    FoE wide ranking list

    There I said it indeed. But is that not something that shows that those guilds who are all ready at some status have not worked towards GE winning. There might be 20 AF players in brand new guild and still to be able to help players in IA to finish GE and supply them with goods. GE negotiation...
  13. Belergon

    FoE wide ranking list

    Exactly my point. So having a high level CdM, CoA and Zeus wont make any difference. We have few very early age players in guild who finish GE 48/48 every week, despite having only less then 25% attack boost. Finishing GE successfully sometimes means negotiating and sometimes fighting...
  14. Belergon

    FoE wide ranking list

    I absolutely agree with you that the base % changes on depending how many members there are in a guild. The idea of GE is to bring members closer together. An alternative to GvG. To compete against other guilds. The fact whether there is 30 people in guild or 80 only changes the base percentage...
  15. Belergon

    FoE wide ranking list

    Ok. By this logic then current Guild ranking system is unfair and inaccurate also. There can be a guild consisting of 20 good players and hold first position in guild rankings when another guild with 80 players is at 20th position. Fact remains that number of wins in GE only shows how well...