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Analysing the real value of Great Buildings


I did the same (in one world) on en6. Here are the results of the top 5 and top 10 players, respectively:

GB Top 5 Top 10
Cape Canaveral 523 848
Arc 517 947
Alcatraz 506 932
Hagia Sophia 469 685
Castel del Monte 468 866
Arctic Orangery 466 826
Innovation Tower 452 718
Kraken 425 696
Cathedral of Aachen 393 709
Statue of Zeus 387 733
Chateau Frontenac 382 617
Terracotta 377 679
Blue Galaxy 356 420
Temple of Relics 324 449
Himeji Castle 279 331
St Basil's Cathedral 230 266
The Habitat 214 226
Seed Vault 205 216
Deal Castle 166 191
Observatory 129 184
Rain Forest Project 122 139
St Mark's Basilica 112 210
Royal Albert Hall 107 152
Lighthouse of Alexandria 106 171
Frauenkirche of Dresden 90 101
Tower of Babel 88 119
Atlantis Museum 80 91
Dynamic Tower 77 120
Atomium 45 86
Gaea Statue 38 38
Lotus Temple 31 31
Capitol 30 30
Notre Dame 30 30
Space Needle 28 28
Colosseum 26 26
Oracle of Delphi 24 24
Voyager 17 46

My philosophy of which GBs are best is in line with the Top 5, which is why I have sorted them this way. This also suggests to me that some GBs (St Basil and below) are only worth it once others have been upgraded.
I can't find any analysis of the Seed Vault - why is it so relatively unpopular? What use is it?
I like it, the % chance is relatively small but when aiding 150 - 200 people a day as most of us do you get several 'hits' from it. Gives lots of useless coins and supplies (what doesn't?) but also gives lots of goods and occasionally diamonds.

It's out shined by HC for the number of goods it gives but have both if you have the room :) (and DT too of course)


depends on the era the player is in and his activity

in early ages aiding manually in city of space age mars players: DT is 1000 times better

in space age mars aiding 250 people the SV is 100 times better
(it gives much more goods, all are mars goods, and you save much time because you don't need to visit the cities of the other players)
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I like it, the % chance is relatively small but when aiding 150 - 200 people a day as most of us do you get several 'hits' from it. Gives lots of useless coins and supplies (what doesn't?) but also gives lots of goods and occasionally diamonds.
So effectively it's a giant wishing well that pays out several times a day?


Master Corporal
Here's the 8th survey of GB ownership and levels amongst the elite players from two worlds. Methodology is on page 4 of this thread. I only include the top 10 active players from 2 worlds.
Since the last survey from January 2019, we have a few new GBs on the scene, as well as the addition of GbG, and the antique dealer to the game.

7 players from the last group of 20 from the last survey have been replaced.

here are the latest numbers, in descending order:

1958 Arc
1894 Alcatraz
1881 CdM
1751 AO
1645 Cape
1636 CoA
1632 Zeus
1594 TA
1548 IT
1426 Kraken
1318 CF
1185 HC
892 TBG
877 ToR
831 HS
639 SMB
580 LoA
536 SBC
491 Star Gazer
475 Observatory
404 RFP
325 DC
319 SV
229 AM
179 DT
141 RAH
95 Babel
81 Dresden
0 Gaea
0 Habitat
0 The Virgo Project
0 Atomium
0 Voyager V1
0 ND
0 LT
0 SN
0 Capitol
0 Colosseum

the biggest advances since the last survey are:

CoA: +606, going from 10th to 6th
IT: +524, but dropping from 8th to 9th.
TA: +504, dropping from 7th to 8th.

The gap between first and second continues to narrow, from 133 to 64, and the top 5 remains unchanged.

The new GBs since the last survey are the Himeji Castle, Star Gazer and The Virgo Project, the latter eliciting no interest whatsoever, possibly because the attack feature doesn't apply to hoodies.

The Gaea dropped from 19 to zero, and the biggest decliner is the Habitat, losing all of its 199 points from the last survey to now join the growing list of wooden spooners:
The Virgo Project
Voyager V1
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thanks numbrcrunchr, always good to see new stats and with so many new players joining its still a great thread to read

Zeratul 2.0

Lieutenant Colonel
For perplexed or bewildered readers, the score equals:

∑ level(i)

n means the number of top players that the survey is carried out on, e.g. top 5, top 10, top 20, etc.;
level(i) means the level of the GB in question owned by the ranking i-th player.