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  • I cant seem to regrow my guild any ideas (the one on MK)
    Hello, I have made a suggestion and filled out the form that goes through purpose, details etc... and I have also made a poll for it. I am just unsure about how to make that become a formated idea.
    Hi Emberguard .
    I don't know if you can help me or direct me to some one who can !. :?:?
    I want to start up our guild forum So I need direction and some good advice the does and do not go there !.....):)
    Are you referring to the desktop only guild forum? Or to messages in the message centre containing the full guild?
    desktop Only the Guild !
    when is the next update
    Deleted member 118885
    You guys are gonna take up too much storage on my awesome phone
    Deleted member 118885
    its ok i can play on my chromebook
    hi emberguard can you help me i need to rejoin my guild but i need to wait 7 days.
    is there an alternative to it
    Can you please help me understand swap threads. As I understand it I join a thread, add points to the last gb shown then add my own gob. What do I gain from this, why not just give myself those points?
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    Reactions: AncientBrit
    That is correct.

    When you go into a GB you’ll see some chests in circles, if you click on them you’ll see what rewards are in each spot.

    Highest contributor (excluding owner) gets that reward. If you only place into your own GB all you get is a lvl’d GB. If you swap you use the same amount of FPs and get something in your inventory back
    But only if you are number 5 or higher. Anyone lower than that sadly gets nothing!
    Good day - is there any way you can see which guild members replaced DA’s in GvG map? Like a report, not the one on left side log-as it only give a few and update when someone else place Da’s so wont be always spesific
    Unfortunately, there is only the Event Log, that will show that kind of information. When you click on the era on the GvG map there is an Event Log on the left-hand side, that should show you all the recent action on the era of the GvG map.
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