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Recent content by vimmers

  1. Not a Bug: asteroid belt goods

    thanks for reply i just figured out that research the conveyor belt cost me 75.000.000 so on first hand couldn't understand where all my supplies was so no bug here
  2. Not a Bug: asteroid belt goods

    in arvahall i have 5400 asteroid ice but 2 times today i couldn't produce goods in 1 building with 8 hours interval
  3. Log-in issue

    i think you shall be sure that you use the page where you signed up sometimes it can be set to your country i am in denmark but signed up on https://en4.forgeofempires.com so have to use en4 as login
  4. tavern silver

    i wonder about ? can you buy more of the same boost like attack boost if u buy 1 for 24 hours cost 8500 silver and gives 30%+ attack then buy another will i then have 60%
  5. Event Spring Event 2017

    thanks SFM-OVERTYPE
  6. Event Spring Event 2017

    in quest 23 i shall, activate 1 boost in a friends tavern how can i do that
  7. Duplicate: Calm Canturia (Ragu SilverTongue)

    i have build a marketplace(430 happiness) and nothing happen i am in awerhall and i can't add a ingame support nothing i tick on when i rightclick the screen works
  8. Full Quest List

    thanks i found them i just trought it was 1 tree build together with 3 4 5 or so
  9. Full Quest List

    i am a little stuck or don't understand i shall build 2 groups of trees and a cartographer but how much are a group of trees
  10. good deposite

    well i missed random but not the trade cos i know that but not sure what this mean You can only have 2 deposits out of 5 from each Age
  11. good deposite

    * Tier 3 from Dunkelwald and Sturmhohen. Granite Rock increases Granite, Raw Alabaster increases Alabaster, Honeycomb increases Honey, Copper Ore increases Copper, Gold Nugget increases Gold what i don't understand here are i own the land and can see that it boost gold 10 for 8 hours i think...
  12. a mail

    i sometimes log out and also refresh the pages
  13. a mail

    i got a mail again and i am online and have being it for a week 24/7 or so what's going on i soon consider mails from foe as Spam
  14. a mail

    just got home after i being away from my pc i around 8 hours and received a mail from forgeofempires saying my people miss me. they haven't seen me in a couple of days since i started the game i have being online almost 24/7 so InnoGames don't you think you shall look at that script there...
  15. Not a Bug: Time displayed in Town Hall events screen wrong.

    but there are no clock on the map so how shall people know what the clock are when they don't use am/pm times extreme ignoring and as far i know Innogames are located in Germany so i don't understand why they use am/pm times