Closed Week #88 2019-01-07

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Amy Steele

*double checks year is correct*

Hey folks! New thread time :)

This week you have a choice of prizes:

Any 7 BPs of your choice or 250 Goods of your Age

As usual, all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is to post a reply in this thread. Any player who posts within 2 minutes of the randomly chosen time will win this week's prize. This competition will close at 11pm Uk time on Sunday 13th January.

Good luck everyone!


King Jared The III

Fact of the Day:
Two countries have waged war with animals in the course of history. The widely-known Emu War of 1932, which the emus won, and the lesser-known Goat War, in which the Ecuador government fought against 250,000 goats. The humans won this time around.:)
Yeah but already 75 FP. I don't care about the tree it doesn't worth the efforts. All so you can have a building that will repay itself (seen the FP you let go to get it) in just a little less than 2 years.
Once you have powerful tree, you only need to click once a day to get fps, goods, medals, coins, supplies. Your strategy is more fruitful in short term, but you must do boring quests everyday for the rest of your life. I prefer long term gains :)
Not open for further replies.