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Dec 10, 2018 at 12:23 AM
    1. Roland Deschain 64
      Roland Deschain 64
      If I suspect a player is cheating how do I report this, they may not be cheating but I have seen a player using Oceanic Future Armies against me when their Town Hall is only Arctic Future?
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      2. thanatos100
        Spin on the spot and say beetlejuice three times. A moderator will then be with you shortly.
        Nov 23, 2018
      3. Amy Steele
        Amy Steele
        Hi Roland Deschain 64, apologies for the delayed reply. bradype is correct. It's possible for a player to receive army units from quests that are 2 or even 3 ages in advance of their own age, by being advanced in the quest line
        Nov 25, 2018
      4. FelixPSY375
        They may get the units from OF by Quests. Its totally legit.
        Nov 27, 2018
    2. Andrew420
    3. loopy03
      hello Amy
      i help one friend to build his oracle yesterday and didn t get the rewards for that. what can i do or where can i report.
      1. twomsuk
        Open settings / contact support / put in a support ticket
        Aug 25, 2018
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    4. Scamp3
      Please could close my thread down asap it called High Level Players in Hoods as I would like to spend more time playing FoE ..Please shut it asap thanks for your time
    5. Aedesia the Warrior 657
      Aedesia the Warrior 657
      Hello, Amy Steele!
      I wouldn't bother you but not sure what is supposed to do. I'm new to the forum and couldn't post anywhere: "You have insufficient privileges to reply here". Just wanted to participate in forum's monthly contest. Thank you in advance! ^_^
      1. Amy Steele
        Amy Steele
        Hi Aedesia the Warrior 657,
        You should now be able to post that forum competition entry. If you are still having problems please do let me know and I will assist you further.
        Jun 3, 2018
    6. dubblemonkey
      hello Amy.
      I would like to report a problem please. The game announced an 'error' when healing units. It did this several times refreshing itself each time, when finally it refreshed and all my diamonds were gone. I had 1280 diamonds. now I have zero. I am a regular purchaser of diamonds.
      kind regards
      1. Amy Steele
        Amy Steele
        Hi dubblemonkey, there was a display issue with Diamonds last night where balances were displaying as zero. This has now been corrected and you should once again see your Diamonds displayed.

        If during this time you lost a unit because were unable to heal it, please contact our in game support team, who will be able to assist you
        May 31, 2018
    7. Alexander the Noble 519
      Alexander the Noble 519
      Hi Amy. Re What Time is It competition #53. I was one of the winners last week but have not yet been contacted by Support. I don’t want to bug them if they are flat out and will get to it, but also don’t want to miss the opportunity for the prize if it’s dropped off their list. Thanks for all you do to keep the game fun and running.
      1. Amy Steele
        Amy Steele
        Hi Alexander the Noble 519, Sorry to hear you haven't heard from us yet. I will chase this up for you, so please do check your mail again
        May 16, 2018
      2. Alexander the Noble 519
        Alexander the Noble 519
        Thanks. All done!
        May 17, 2018
      3. Amy Steele
        Amy Steele
        You're welcome! Glad to hear it :)
        May 17, 2018
    8. Karromar
      What steps can I take when a Rouge Guild executive boots all members out of the Guild and then exits himself. I find that I can't reassemble the Guild because of the 7 day exclusion on members that have (in this case - unjustly) been booted out of the Guild Thks for any assistance - Karromar
      1. elfish lad
        elfish lad
        At the very least Amy, could an Admin keep a file open on this person so that if this player is a chronic disrupter action can be taken?
        Mar 10, 2018
    9. earthfyres
      I probably look like an idiot but I cannot seem to locate where you are supposed to actually POST a bug. Can you please explain? World Houndsmoore - problem: can't see/use spearfighters even after I sold/rebuilt the building and rerecruited them.
      1. Amy Steele
        Amy Steele
        Oct 3, 2017
    10. butterfly567
      Hello Amy, sorry to bother you, I am fairly new to the forum and my very first post has a title that after feedback for the post, I would like to change. Can you do that for me please? It is under ideas currently titled 20 hour Great Building Collection Cycle, can you please remove the "20 Hour" bit? Thank you :)
      1. ByeOrDie
        Hey Butterfly, I, (Senior) Forum Moderators are in charge of editing/moderating things are the forums. If you want to change a title of one of your thread, normally you can reply to that thread asking for the change, or "Report" your post with that reason.
        I have just changed it for you as well :)
        Aug 26, 2016
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    11. monica12
      hello amy
      when i tried to log in this morning my normal way with password and username it woukd not accept them and i coukd not raise a ticket either and it also did not recognise my email address either so the only way i can get in to my account at the moment is by logging in via facebook.
      but i did have a strange email asking me to verify an email address which was not mine for someone in america.
    12. OVERTYPE
      Happy Birth Day :)
    13. dubie12345
      I have a question I hope you can help me with. On a quest for a reward, I received a portrait. What can I do with that and what is it's advantage? Tks for your help
    14. OVERTYPE
      Here's wishing you more happiness than all my words can tell Not just alone for Christmas but for all the year as well. Happy Holidays!
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    15. Cutuin
      take a badge, it must be you in that frame
    16. Cutuin
      go away you none damn dirty rat
    17. jampots
      hi Amy
      I just found this option when i clicked on your avatar!
      do you ever fancy chatting as opposed to just putting numbers on the screen?
      ps I assume this doesn't get posted on the forum for everyone to see, but if you reply, i'm not sure i know where to look for it!
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