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The exclamation mark will now show above the Cultural Settlements ship to also indicate when you don't currently have a settlement running.
they should at least grey it out if they want it there in permanence when there is nothing to do in setelment while in cool down period lol like on image i created above
would be less confusing then turn it red again when timer for cool down is over for setelment and would be more logical would give it a reason for it to exist
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  • The exclamation mark will now show above the Cultural Settlements ship to also indicate when you don't currently have a settlement running.

Very bad choice. I know I do not have a Settlement running. It is a deliberate choice. Last thing I need is an exclamation mark in my face!!!!



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Have to agree. Seems a little desperate adding the exclamation mark to remind when some want to forget about it, if anything they should give the option to remove/hide settlements in settings.

Seem to have kept this out of the beta change logs too which is a shame as there would have probably been the same feedback. What's the point of beta changelogs and feedback threads if only certain changes are being reported and others aren't?
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I hope this bug is fixed that I reported in beta, otherwise this is DOA and slap in face for folks testing in beta and reporting bugs. And please don't tell us it is a feature and not a bug, as nobody wants an exclamation thing on their city when nothing can be done.

Is this the way that Inno is thinking more ppl will use settlements ? Here is a better way, if a settlement is not started, not in cool down period, then randomly add a task in DC to start a settlement, this way if new players don't know about the feature they will be forced to figure it out. Others who don't want to do settlements can skip that DC.


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Just seen the feedback on your bug thread seems some players are a little less than enthusiastic about the change.

Also being released with that bug and not announced on beta maybe beta should just be closed if things are only being tested on beta when it suits them.


Well, the Multistory House is good news, since I just entered EMA.
However, I certainly won’t like it with the exclamation in my face...


But then Multistory houses easily beats anything you could build in that age by miles right? lol. Seems wierd that the Diamond House Tech would be free, yet all early age diamond residential still cost diamonds to place each one of them. I mean its cool and all, and obviously it is because it didn't work, but its been like that for years xD

Really though with the exclamation mark? If people don't want to start settlements, why not just let them not start, lol


When playing a serttlement, the exclamtion poiint is very useful as it tells you that it needs attention.
Having an exclamtion mark over an inctive settlement is confusing, pointless and irritating.
Get rid of it !


will players get their 600 diamonds back ?
We might get an option to buy a new premium early middle age residential building in future.:lol:
No we won't be. It was always an optional tech and from time to time things to change in the game, and players who did unlock it have had the benefit.
Or not for example like me who unlocked only to finish special event questline.:blush:
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OK, the exclamation point above viking ship has got to go.
It now looks the same (red exclamation mark) for cities where 1) You are NOT doing the viking quest; and 2) Cities where you ARE doing it BUT have coins/goods to collect.
Confusing, unnecessary, and annoying.