Event Easter Event 2015


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can't complete the Easter Event ?
prizes didn't include everything you wanted to be available ?
chests didn't give you what you wanted ?

look at it this way:

get some free stuff for not a lot of effort really,
and there will be another event along later where you can get some more free stuff and it might be stuff you want
and another event after that and so on

Test Ament

who really wants to buy everything to get the collection reward :p

3 wishing wells per city would be a good result for me
and if it will be only 2 that isn't bad either

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If I remember correctly from last year's Easter Event, whenever you completed a 'Place an Easter Egg' quest, you not only won eggs but you got some Hiding Actions as well. This year … NOT. I suppose they want us to spend real-life money for extra eggs and Hiding Actions, but the quality of the prizes do not even come close to spending real-life money on this event. So sorry Inno … do a better job next time and don't be so greedy and tight-fisted with your prizes.

Test Ament

you are remembering wrong:
this years quests are exactly the same as last year
(only the portraits at the end are different)

only once a hiding action package: in quest one


I've been trying to work out if 2 drummer school gives +8% attack and can't find out anywhere?

Does any1 know?


nice event,
but 24 hours seems too long to wait till be able to send another egg to the same person, make it 8 hrs please!


I've been trying to work out if 2 drummer school gives +8% attack and can't find out anywhere?

Does any1 know?
Yes :) You may need to refresh your screen (F5 or logout (just press the back button once) & back in) after you place the second one though.


This is my second Easter Event. My first year, last year, I found it a little stressful trying to return eggs to all and turned out to be my least favourite of all the events. I am grateful for these events and last year it gave me the opportunity to get a rogue camp to pair with my Alcatraz which without a doubt helped me enjoy the coming months in GvG.

This year is much the same as last year without stress as I have no enthusiasm for it whatsoever. The prizes are lackluster and although I'm going through the motions that is all it is, going through the motions.

Although it would be great to have a new event concept I can understand it just isn't practical for the developers. That just leaves the prizes to spice things up a little and for me they have missed it by a mile. Obviously to late for this years event but hopefully they can consider coming up with some prizes with the wow factor for all future events. Something that would inspire new and seasoned players to really get enthusiastic about it and to actually care about what the chests provide.

There hasn't been anything in this event that has come close to getting me to part with money to try and win. Lets face it that's what Inno need which makes me wonder why we have such an under powered item as the drummer boy. His stats are great for bronze age, fine for iron age and borderline for early middle age.

After EMA it is all downhill and although in some scenarios it may prove an inconvenience to a fighter it is just to under powered to be of much use the further you progress in the game.

I would love the developers to explain how they imagined this unit to be used and whether it was intentional for it to be only credible for lower ages. The time for this would have been before the launch or at the time of the launch of the event to help drum up some enthusiasm.

Although doubts were raised in beta and all the feedback I read was suggesting the drummer wasn't good it seems to have been ignored without any acknowledgement from Innogames. This is an area that really needs to be improved on and feedback in beta needs to actually matter and be acknowledged. A special event prize needs to be good for players in all ages of the game.

I want to be enthusiastic about these events and I understand it is all a bonus, but it needs to engage players and we should be left caring whether we win the new star prizes rather than being apathetic towards them.

If the developers are struggling for ideas for future event buildings then maybe run a competition for ideas. Please though no more supplies/coin special event buildings. We already have plenty of these in the game already. Maybe run two idea threads, one for new special event military units and one for non military.

Just a thought as when these events come around I want to feel a sense of excitement and anticipation of what I will manage to win not apathy.


This is my second Easter Event. ......
I hope you dont mind but having read your post I think that it pretty much sums up the feelings of the community with regards to the Easter Event so have included it in my weekly report.


A Second great statement by thanatos this week. Myself: I joined all 3 Easter events, the first one was awesome until the end, but at the second my motivation dropped, and with the 3rd, I was hoping at the finish already after 4 days. Time for summary.

First is that at the Easter 2013 you where able to choose rewards yourself, as main items: Wishing Well, rogue hideout and watchtowers. It was amazing: choose your own rewards, and so many from unique buildings never shown before.

Easter 2014 was different. Another troop was introduced, the champion. But those camps need to be renovated, rogues not. Also the shrine of knowledge was introduced, but they put it in the golden chest. Remembered I wrote my complains about putting such an item behind a fruitmachine, and that some players spend maybe a thousand of euro to get the city full of SoK. And see how many impact this still have a year later. But really going that Easter for shrines, the chance was bigger that after a whole event you did stay without, only by buying you where able to get those by law of big numbers. However, there where other items in that golden chest that where interesting, 30% chance on a king/queen, WW 10%, renokit 10% rogue hideout 20%. Had something against that fruit machine mechanism, but most rewards where at least great.

Easter 2015: A big disappointment. No rogues at all (World M stays rogue free), champ available for gamble, but a worthless drummer school. Drummers instead of rogues... not even worth it to even consider that! Lets look at the other rewards. Renokit and WW stay the same available for pick, watchtowers more expensive: 75 instead of 50 eggs. but... hold on here comes the golden chest, a champions retreat inside: so you need luck if you want one: however if you already have one then you don't need a second. Not many spend 2 renos on 2 champs. Then the SoK, the only awesome reward in the chest, chance dropped from 10% to 5%. Shrine of Awe, not great at all. Gives less coins then kings/queens and just 10% chance to win it. Oasis, either, not great, little coins, and just a few goods. If you need goods it goes faster to produce it with a normal goods building.

A last addition about those coins buildings. I absolutely need more coins and supplies. But the buildings look so much the same: king/SoA, haunted house, oasis, gingerbread. Same can be said about these 3x3 cultural buidlings, and supply buildings. To make new ones of things that look like something else is a waste of development time, do it easy and just put a king inside, and try develop a new WOW (not fruit machine) item instead.

Hope that the negative line will hold and that next year we have an exciting Easter event.

15 minutes to go, before Easter arrives, enjoy your blessing days.