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Recent content by Taffy540

  1. Wildlife Event 2021 - Feedback

    Evil noob, if you look closely the "Tools" at the left, they have a striking similarity to the archaology tools. However the difference is you need 1230 event coin to get the big pack. With no real chance of succeeding in this quest unless you pay a hell of a lot of diamonds to get the tools. If...
  2. PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    Ok so why do we need this when the furore of what they did last time is still ringing in my ears. I have disabled clients that have joined recently and will never take part in the PVP but will have to setup and have an annoying red exclamation mark in their cities. Both are vision impaired and...
  3. Inequality in Guild Battlegrounds

    I believe Longarm on the first page gets grumpy as he gets called on being in a large guild that has so much easier a go at it than the smaller guilds. When you are in a guild of 10 facing 72 players on one side and 65 on the other, its impossible to hold your own without killing your goods...
  4. Forge Bowl 2021 Feedback

    Space for this stuff is hard to find and I wish they would add more medal expansions higher than 1.1 mil so that we would safely grow our cities. Then some of these new sad vanilla buildings would have a greater chance to find a home.
  5. Why oh why do they keep trying to kill a great game??

    Ive had many hours of fun and enjoyment in this game for over 5 years. Im saying this as a prelude to the last few months of the team at Forge trying their hardest to smother our enjoyment of several aspects of the game. A few months ago they removed without asking, the towers. This was done...
  6. Inequality in Guild Battlegrounds

    Yeah our guild is up and down from gold to platinum and back to gold. Gold we have a fighting chance to do well, platinum we are against 63 player guild and we are 10 with 3 active players. Maybe attrition rate is a way to level things out. so no of active players per guild factors against...
  7. PvP Arena Feedback

    Hiho hi ho its of to the bin it goes. This has made me reconsider the 5 hours a day I spend on this game. I'm in disability support and I use the game to develop social skills for some of my clients. Changing so much with a cocky attitude of "they will accept these changes" has led to 31 pages...
  8. PvP Arena Feedback

    I can only win the "easy" category fights for 50 points a time. The mismatch system is c.r.a.p the randomness of who you fight is c.r.a.p Im screaming here as ive spent 4 years happy then this s.h.i.t steals the joy from the game.
  9. Plundering – The Roll of Honour

    They actually added the plunder button. It wasnt there a few years ago. Its the same as every quest, it costs you a little time and some coin, supplies and earlier goods. Anything that slows you down keeps you playing longer. I average 100-200 goods/day but i usually dont have time to do it...
  10. Plundering – The Roll of Honour

    I wish that the way I recruit was used more often. Plunder till they hit your friends list then get them to join your guild. Sweet. The chant of no more no more can be heard echoing through the neighbourhood.
  11. PvP Arena Feedback

    This is a game I have enjoyed every day for the last 4 years. In the past 24 hours with this new pvp c.r.a.p I am nearly at the stage of never playing again. My hard matches are 4 levels higher than me with between 600% and 2100% bonus defence. The middle or "your level" battles are one or two...