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Event Winter Event 2019


Sleeping cars should totally also give some population since they have people sleeping in them :D Though I hope they didn't expect any food on the journey so far they can only sleep on mah Train ;D


The Winter Event will arrive on December 2. Check out the details here and please leave your feedback below!
Hi, this is the first time that I have needed to speak out on anything and perhaps this is not the correct place to do so, but I feel very strongly that a line has been crossed. I've have just realised, belatedly, that I will not be able to actual get any of the reindeer items I've collected without spending diamonds. I realise that you can get ahead in the game by buying diamonds but I felt that this was one game where we could, over time, build up a coffer of diamonds from wells, quests incidents etc. Now having teased us with 'winning' extra items via the reindeers, we find out that we either cannot afford to actually buy our 'prizes', or we need to blow all our diamonds that we've saved. Not happy! I realise that it probably said this in the details of the event but generally it is easy to pick up each event without researching it and this new element is so against all the usual fair play that it is unexpected to say the least.


Why oh why doesn't the car names appear on mobile when shown as a prize???? Accidentally got a dining car today :((( When I clicked on it, the pop up highlighted my previously won sleep car and just assumed the car was sleeping back already. Won my previous car on PC and when you hover over it all details are shown, but mobile, nothing... :(((( ....... A simple NAME at the top of the pop up would have worked wonders.


Yes, i know many people who did same mistake because the only way to tell cars appart on mobile is by looking at trees around car
So I got to study the bloody trees on my tiny mobile? Stupid!!! (Not you bud) THEM!
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Zeratul 2.0

Lieutenant Colonel
-- Fake Tips --
When the prizes get shuffled, look closely.
Note the sequence in which the "cards" are collected into the "deck"; in particular, at what point is the Car collected...
According to my observation it is usually the 4th to last card collected. And
in line with the "first in first out" principle, it will be the 4th to last "card" to be "dealt". So
among all the presents, you know which one to pick... the 4th to last, obviously.
2019-12-10 10_16_29-Forge of Empires.png

2019-12-10 10_32_15-Forge of Empires.png


I have trouble finding out where to place that 7x3 Train +some wagons. In my small city it will be a no go and even in my much larger it is still a awkward format especaill wiht wagons attached – I am guessing if the wagons do not sit in extension it will look like a broken rail (meaning like ****).

I like that Christmas aestethic for once, well I guess one can´t have it all

Blitz Epidemic

Warrant Officer
This is going to be a problem. The way the train and cars are setup it is going to be impossible to take full advantage of it without taking losses, for those of us who've already placed a ton of expansions. The right side of screen is only option, but since many of us have unlocked those 3 expansions we either have to abandon them to useless structures that don't require roads, which there are none that are valuable, or only have 5 or 6 cars max. Only options I see is if you change the rules on how the cars are placed or give us the ability to put expansions in temporary storage using Reconstruction, thereby allowing us to place them elsewhere and take full advantage of train and cars.


Can the Sleigh-ride Express train be buffed? it should drop at least 30 goods for being the "goods" Train. It gives the least of everything and only five extra goods over the much much much superior Charcoal express. Why pick it over a large boost to attack plus more fp? Even the FP Train at least gives a good chunk extra FP and the gold bonus which makes it a great FP generation machine, but the goods one just gives a tiny amount of goods that would be mostly completely and totally unnoticeable while giving a supply boost, unless I guess the only reason to go for the goods train is actually the supply boost which is like one or two levels on my lighthouse of Alexandria.


Why is there a lvl 1 train before all upgrades to the first train?

- Ellie -

Master Corporal
yes you always have to pay for them

. The diamond price of 2995 is laughable especially for what's on offer. So far I have a wishing well shrink kit and a Hall of Fame - they would have to pay me to take them not the other way around :lol:
So £48.99 is laughable? personally I think it is an utter rip off.


What? Spend 3k diamonds to "claim" my Reindeer rewards?!? Get serious. Have the devs all gone nuts? :?


I wonder if anyone has actually spent the 3k diamonds for this yet??

Other than this terrible feature I'm enjoying the event, got a couple of nice trains set up. Feeling it's maybe too long but that is hard to judge.
I wonder if anyone has actually spent the 3k diamonds for this yet??

Other than this terrible feature I'm enjoying the event, got a couple of nice trains set up. Feeling it's maybe too long but that is hard to judge.
There are always a few people who waste diamonds on events, the reindeer won't be any different

Hurry Botak

All the quest of winter event that published on the WIKI turned out to be correct, as they all matched daily demands.
The quest #65, will come in 28th December ask as follow:
"Exchange 4 items in the Antiques Dealer building OR Solve 6 encounters in the Guild Expeditions"
and "Gather some (2,000 - 274,000) coins"

This means that players in the Bronze Age will not be able to finish the event, Because there is no antiques construction, no GE in BA.
Is this fair? Or will the request be modified to match all ages?
We hope you will help us complete the event please, and thank you very much.