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Signature Request


If anyone can make me a signature, you will be a legend :cool:


people might need a bit more info than.... can people make me a signature :P

like what you want in it... color, aesthetics.


Now, i spent a lot of time designing and making this, so I hope you like it.


Now, i spent a lot of time designing and making this, so I hope you like it.
First thought: Wow, some people are awesome for taking the time, thinking up something special, simply doing something for someone... just like that.
Spoiler click: Lol, I've never laughed so hard in my life. Actually scared the people in the other room. :D


I couldn't think of a picture to go with either of your names like the "Matrix Cube" where it's a cube with the green scrolling matrix-like code (No, it wasn't completely random)... So I had to go completely random with colours and artwork, I hope you like.

Coooooool. Make me too. :P

That is pretty amazing, Barti. If you made me one, I would totally use it!

If you don't like, I can try again.

And anyone else that wants me to make one for them, let me know.


Amazing. I now have the best signature ever. You can all start being jealous now.
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Hmmm not seeing it - There it is! Barti, you have massive talent! I especially like the lone star for Texas!


Oh my better ask for one before Barti is flooded with requests. Can I have one too? :)


Welcome to Comedy Show! I don't need a new siggy, I'm proud of my extremely old and outdated and probably nonsensical signature about tacticians...


I chose to join the dark side Bart! Please make "THE SIG" for a mortal like me.