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Signature Request


I just tried this out with paint. I have never used it before. I like the unique style of these pictures because of their simplicity :)


But I think I will make a nice signature pic with GIMP when i get the time.
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First thought: Wow, some people are awesome for taking the time, thinking up something special, simply doing something for someone... just like that.
Spoiler click: Lol, I've never laughed so hard in my life. Actually scared the people in the other room. :D
This comment made my day lol :D

Overtype, I saw that your name in your avatar had a fire background so I was inspired by that. Let me know if you like them I am open for suggestions.

View attachment 2691

View attachment 2692
Seraphim, wow! That looks very impressive, amazing =]
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It is not fair if he used that size for his sig, but I don't think he did, and Seraphim would of most likely have resized it if we was planning to use it ;) Posting the images in general is also with the rules since it is under 640x640.


awesome, thanks for the info byeordie ;) so, as long as it's within the 640x640, you can work with that? unless someone wants to use em pics for signatures?


Yes, you can post any image you want that's under 640 x 640 as long as it isn't used as a sig (if it's above 500 x 100). You can still post images over 640 x 640 as long as they are contained within spoilers:

And also, no copyright material, inappropriate, or animated images ;)
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