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Closed Pre-Winter Contest

Which building design do you prefer?

  • Baker's Stand (Left)

    Votes: 89 79.5%
  • Fisherman's Stand (Right)

    Votes: 23 20.5%

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There's no winter without Christmas, and no Christmas without friends and family!


Quite bit different approach to Christmas songs:

He's the bass player for Nightwish and also singer in less known Finnish Metal band Tarot. Lately I've started to enjoy these kind of versions of Christmas songs. Still like the classics as much as always, but these are more my cup of tea...

Of course Tarja Turunen, former lead for Nightwish can belt one out quite nicely:



This song makes me think of sitting inside with a blanket while it's snowing outside or just walking through the snow with your headphones on with this song on. it's definitely one of my favourites


This music based on native song in my country that people sing on Christmas, lots of good memories and time spent with family and friends...

Noodly Po


Sorry to be bleak but look at the world these days. Let's hope Christmas comes before the missiles start flying over our heads.
Happy Christmas :lol::lol:


It is a beautiful complication of epic christmas music by the kings of trailer music: TSFH. this makes me feel tingly all over.


We don't get a wintery Christmas over here in NZ, but at least we can still join in with festive lights.
This one from a few years back is what it started it all off for me :)


The Chorus....
Green is in the mistletoe
And red is in the holly
Silver in the stars above
That shine on everybody
Gold is in the candlelight
And crimson in the embers
White is in the winter night
That everyone remembers

The snow, the starlight, candlelight and comfy fire embers.... Doesn't that just paint a picture of a idyllic Winter's night, full of wonder and anticipation, as Christmas gets closer.


Annie Lennox - Christmas Cornucopia- Why? Simple, because this is the only xmas album I listen during the xmas time :)


This is very personnal and i explain.
When i was young i've played the game Secret of Mana and the song from Stina Nordenstam reminds me the original soundtrack of Secret of mana when i was coming at land of Winter.
This game is one of my favourtie, and Stina Nordenstam one of my favourite singer.


Winter is the most dark period and the family gatherings aren't always so funny.
And many people start being depressive, causing many drama's.
Basically I hate this period, because of the fake happiness, this one shows the other side of the winter period, especially the Xmas period, that's why it is my favorite one!


Can't beat this one for Christmas... little bit of Frank to usher the Christmas spirit in! Always makes me think of log fires and snow!
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