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Closed Pre-Winter Contest

Which building design do you prefer?

  • Baker's Stand (Left)

    Votes: 89 79.5%
  • Fisherman's Stand (Right)

    Votes: 23 20.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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This is one of the most nostalgic videos for me as I remember it from my childhood, and you could genuinely feel the holiday/winter spirit coming from this commercial, that's why it feels so wintery to me.


Can't believe no one posted this one yet! I can't hear the original without hearing this in my head :P


A Winter Morning is the title of the song and the whole mood is winter. When you decide to move on in your life you need some time to "nest", fill up your power for what is coming next. And the next is always the spring :)


This song reminds me of winter because of the name obviously. Oh, and also the first time I heard it was on a music-synced Christmas light display ;)


I like the oven to keep me warm and cheery while playing ;-D

Dear Queens and Kings,

Thank you for being interested in our little contest! :)

How to take part
It’s really easy to take part in our contest. First, you’ll need a forum account. Once you’ve registered, you can post on our forum and enter the contest. In order to do so, we want you to first take a look at the following picture and decide which of the presented buildings you like more:

Baker's Stand (left) or Fisherman's Stand (right)

Once you've decided:
1. Vote in the poll attached to this post.
2. Create a new post below linking to a YouTube music video that makes you feel 'wintery' (the first post below is an example).
3. Explain why it makes you feel that way in your post :).
4. Make sure to not duplicate someone else's entry!

When the voting is over
We will summarize votes from all the language version of Forge of Empires and the one with the most votes will be implemented for the Winter event.
All the players who took part in voting and posted a music video as explained above will also enter a draw. We will then randomly choose one entry (per language version) to receive the building on the very first day of the Winter event :).
We will also randomly select ten other players who will receive a prize of 200 Diamonds each (rewards can not be donated to other players).
Players who vote in the poll, but choose not to post a music entry will not be entered into the prize draw.
Please be careful to not break any forum rules while posting. Inappropriate entries will be excluded from the draw.

The voting will end on Monday 25th. We will announce the results as well as the winners next week.

Please place your entries directly in this thread, by Monday 7 PM GMT :).
If you have any questions about the contest, feel free to ask in the comments thread.

Thank you! :)

The Forge of Empires Team


Coziness, around the fireplace, with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows! While watching Home Alone :)


The mariachi version of 'Walking in a Winter Wonderland' ... just sounds to joyous and festive


Who doesn't think of Christmas and Winter whenever they are watching the Original and amazing Lethal Weapon :)


While the northern hemisphere shivers, Australians enjoy long summer days at the beach or by the pool. This fun version of 12 Days of Christmas reminds me of Australia's unique flora and fauna. 8-)


A great winter song from one of the greatest singers of our lifetime
Not open for further replies.