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Luzgius's deep corner of sigs

  • Thread starter DeletedUser100824
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sorry boys and girls, have some issues in rl that i need to sort out first. will get back to work in a day or 2..




new stuff.. hopefully i will come back to the ones in line today.

P.S. thanks chris ;)
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Hi mate, i was wondering if you could add some txt to the sig you did me.?

if so could you put

of Fel

on the left hand side using the same font as Akkers.? That would be ace mate

thanks in advance, akkers


I am not too sure to be honest since she has not got back to me about a new signature.


i am back.. now then, what did i miss? sorry for dissapearing, please let me know if the previous requests are still needed, and if there are new ones to be done, let me know too..


Hey Luz if you could create new sig + avatar for me that would be great!


Hey mate, was wondering if you could make me a sig too :cool:

Was looking for something along the lines of a warlord attacking something ethereal (I attempted to make my own, but what can you do with MS Paint? :p)

If you could include my ingame name, Strategy Master 101, on it, that would be extra great

An avatar as well would be nice too :rolleyes: