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Luzgius's deep corner of sigs

  • Thread starter DeletedUser100824
  • Start date


well, i decided to have a go on this one too.. who know, i might get popular, or something.. if you want to get a signature done, feel free to send me a message, or well, just post it here and i'll contact you...

erm, think i need some examples of my sigs too.. so, here it goes:

animated stuff only to show the sigs..
sorry for the links, will replace them as soon as i get some non animated, forum rules abiding images
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Animated images aren't allowed on these forums anyway. Also, just in case you hadn't seen, the maximum size for signatures is 500 pixels wide by 100 tall.

Some nice work there.


thank you Bartimaeus.. yeah, i've seen max size of signatures, don't have many sigs done of that size, will replace as soon as i will get some done ;)


had some free time from forums, sorry lad, if you still want it, i can make one for you..
another 2 in my collection:
luzgius copyss.jpg

luzgius copy.jpg


hi luzgius

if you have the time i'd love a new sig

something with a warlord type character and the name Akker's

thanks in advance buddy


I would like to see what you could do for me. Can you make and sig and avatar for me?


rite, 3 done, 3 in line:
dkirk, thanatos and gate2

(only show the ones done and if a person who asked for it, liked it)
glad you liked it mrbeef :)


somehow the quality of my sigs suffers when people use it for their signatures, what am i doing wrong?

another happy person, glad you liked it Andrew:
and glad you liked it Akkers ;)

ooooh, seems like the sig images are reduced in size, thus they look a bit worse than intended.. what is the max image size for the sig images? will redo some stuff so, they would look better and more clear
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new stuff.. sig images up to 600x600px (not for this forum though, 500x100 is max here, i will try to obey the rules of that one).. you need a sig image for any other game or forum, which allows bigger sizes, feel free, i like working with bigger sized images (send me a pm)..

still want to know max sig size in this forum, cause 500x100 is reduced in size, at least for me, which makes mine look bad..


If you try to upload a sig, you'll find a note under the "upload" button:
Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 500 by 100 pixels or 9.8 KB (whichever is smaller).

So the reduced size is because the filesize cannot be larger than 9.8 KB, thus the forum lowers the quality of the graphic to keep the filesize in the allowed range. Granted, that's a rather tiny allowed size for a signature. :)

Great job with the signatures!