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Implemented: Guild Quests/Events


many of those quests are simple players quests

lets adjust them to be guild quests
* win x battles in GvG
because winning there brings an advantage for the guild. attacking neighbors not
and attacking could be simply retreating too

**Aid/mot/pol x number of guild members
guild quests. helping friends and neighbors is nothing that helps the guild

*Spend x amount of FP's in guild members GB
same as above

*Grow by x amount of points(personal scores) (after the GB balancing have occured)
points are useless. and especially for your guild.
so such a quest is useless too

Princess Amira

I am very much in support of the idea of "Guild Quests" as this feature would add a new and interesting dynamic to the game itself, which in turn also promotes a high level of team work and team spirit amongst Guild Members.

Princess Amira


+1 Provided they give a nice range of quests it'd be good.

1 question though, would the quests be reject able? Just in case the guild isn't interested in being militaristic and would rather be peaceful (or the other way around...).
+1 to the idea. @Tank, I think their should be a button that can switch from Peaceful/Farming mode to Military quests mode. I think this would also encourage people to do more military so that they can help the guild. I like the idea though very interesting.


I like the idea of guild questlines... but I too would prefer to see non-military options available.


Would be nice to see some guild related quests so long they allow the option to be aborted and nothing gives them extra boosts.


but again would hope not to have just GvG related quests


+1 a very interesting idea and could limit the number of guilds with one player attacking everything in sight. <whistles innocently>


i like the idea & think it will work better in some guilds than others but last guild based activity introduced was GvG & this caused loads of guild fallouts because some people were getting rewards for doing nothing & those actually making the effort & doing the work didnt like it, this has the possibility of going the same way
Yes, this is where the discussion ended when this was first proposed in 2013/2014.
. . . mk
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This would be awesome :)
I proposed the same idea on beta forum last year, where I wrote:

Since most quest based events are only more of the same, I'd like to propose a new type of event: a guild event.

A series of quests where you need to collaborate with your guild in order to reach the quest objectives.

Examples of guild quests:

- Acquire a sector on the GvG map
- Harvest 50,000,000 coins and/or supplies (harvests of all guild members count towards the objective)
- Harvest 10,000 goods - from goods buildings, GBs (Atomium and Observatory also count), plundering, and quests, but not from accepting market trades
- Win 1,000 battles (both GvG and neighbor battles count)
- Gain 10,000 power
- Gain 10,000 goods in the guild treasury (through both GBs and donations)
- ...any suggestions?

A visible counter can be easily implemented, showing the current guild objective and progress bar in real time.

To not put the smallest of guilds at a disadvantage, the quests shouldn't give individual rewards - except maybe a Hall of Fame at the end.
Instead of those "random rewards" we see now, completed quests could give guild rewards like power points or goods for the treasury, or maybe even a permanent addition to the guild's support pool.

It could be a temporary event, but it could also be a permanent questline without a deadline, so guilds of all sizes can complete the quests and obtain the rewards. Then the quest objectives can also be even larger, to make it more challenging.

A popular farm game has these type of events as well, where you need to meet a collective goal by working together (donating crops or w/e), and they are a welcome change to individual game play.

What do you guys think? Any ideas on how this can work? I'd like to see it happen.