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Implemented: Guild Quests/Events


+1 From me I LOVE this idea - will be good to promote Team Work :D and hence Team Spirit :D


+1 Provided they give a nice range of quests it'd be good.

1 question though, would the quests be reject able? Just in case the guild isn't interested in being militaristic and would rather be peaceful (or the other way around...).


Would the prestige award be permanent or just for the day that the quest was completed? I like the idea but I'm interested to know what other awards the OP envisages and some more detail added to the idea.

Maybe an extra fp to all players, goods to the treasury, healing of troops in GvG, unable to be plundered for 24hrs. I'm sure others have lots more ideas but I think they need to be outlined to ensure the OP gets what he envisages from the developers should this idea be taken up.

It would also be good if there was underlying quest lines linked to some advantage for the guild. Things like each member gets a permanent city defence bonus of (suitable number here) after they reach a certain point in the quests. Maybe limit the quests to one per week to ensure balance is kept between guilds.

Seserous Omega

+1 though needs more fleshing out. For example, would the guild's chateaus affect the rewards?


before +1 or -1

what are the possible rewards: only prestige/power ?

and if it something more useful for the players how it is that be balanced with the current guild levels
for example for each daily FP you need 8 to 10 more guilds levels

or only small things we already get now from quests
- 5 goods (for players or treasury)
- one FP package for each player
- coins/supplies for each player

For example, would the guild's chateaus affect the rewards?
first we have to know the rewards

and then we can think if it is possible that the Chateaus boost anything
because the Chateau only boosts: coins, supplies, goods, medals and diamonds
all other possible rewards can not be boosted from the Chateaus :rolleyes:


I would assume it should either be the average of all the chateau's in the guild (having none counts as 0, not skip). As the boost would definitely be very strong. (But yes, we would need to know more about the rewards ;)).


+1 and i really need to like someone elses ideas instead of just overtypes lol


i like the idea & think it will work better in some guilds than others but last guild based activity introduced was GvG & this caused loads of guild fallouts because some people were getting rewards for doing nothing & those actually making the effort & doing the work didnt like it, this has the possibility of going the same way


So the big guilds arent happy with all the sectors in GvG ,and their seemingly endless amount of Halls of Fame,
Now they want another way to gain not just more prestige but more power
I vote no to this Idea


Questions Synthesis

Thought I would do a summary on all that’s been asked/questioned so far:

>Regular Reources:
  • Gold/Supplies/Goods
>Rarer Resources:
  • fp packages/BPs/Medals/Unattached Troops
  • Guild goods/Prestige/Power/Support Pool
What we are all interested from here is what type, in general, of resources we would be looking at for a guild quest.

Considering Option 1: Seems reasonable, based on the guild’s prestige and members, offering bonus regular resources
>How would these be split between the guild? by rank? by participation? equally? a combination of rank and participation? other?
>Is enough of these offered already?

Considering Option 2: Again, seems reasonable, based on the guild’s prestige and members, offering bonus rarer resources
>How would these be split between the guild? by participation? equally? Equally with extra for participants? other? (rank would not be feasible as these would be given out in too small of an amount)
>Is this too op?

Considering Option 3: Guild quests for guild stuffs, well ok, expected.
>How would this be given out? Any of these resources could really help high up guilds over lower guilds, increasing differences in power. On positive side, this could provide a boost to weaker active guilds. Is the positive worth the negative?

Chateau Gives a quest boost. should it give a guild boost?
  • No
  • Average of all chateau lvls in guild, where a lack of one is lvl0
  • Median lvl of all chateaus in guild
  • Average of all chateau lvls in guils, where a lack of one means it is not included in average
  • something else
Guild Unity:
>Will this cause tensions? Will this break apart guilds? What can be done to avoid that?
>Perhaps difficulties? (easy, medium, hard, challenge?)
>Limits on how much each person can help? (like each member is only allowed to help with 12% of quest etc.?)
>Guild Choices? either quests or gvg?
>Something else?

Some other questions I thought I would raise that I thought up while writing this:

Will there be a time limit on quests? aka will they have an expiry?
Will quests be abortable? who will be allowed to abort quests? will only some quests be abortable?
Will the quests be guild resource based (gain x power etc.), normal resource based, or a combination of?


However i'd separate and limit the rewards:

1) A reward going to the player involved not the whole guild. For example every player that finish the quest receive some personal reward. The Random Reward would please most players i guess.

2) The reward that goes to the whole guild should be scaled by the number of people participating (half guild doing quest = 50% reward). And I'd put a time limit, otherwise scaling reward makes no sense. Without scaling it'll be a joke not a guild quest.

Hmm, without time limit any quest will be accepted by guildies, because some time they can meet the criteria (eg. collecting 2,000,000 coins can take them 3 months as an side-effect of loggin in 1 time a month, and something like that shouldn't be rewarded).

Guild-wide rewards, like Prestige, could lead to balance issues in my opinion but if the game scales the reward it will be very honest way to earn something.

Following my imagination in this topic, I think the quests should be pvp-neutral. For example 'Collect xxx goods' instead of 'Plunder xxx goods', so players may choose the way to finish the quest.


+1 to this idea, though could use some extra fleshing out (see my earlier post)