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  • My disrespect? It's you guys who started this disrespect not me and lately I have not been disrespectful, I try to be reasonable with other people rather than say rude comments. I have no problems with about 95% of the members, it's just that 5% people who make rude comments I have problems with.
    I notice that you like every single posts that make rude and mocking comments to me, you just want more people to hate me don't you?
    Our attitude is a result of your actions, so if you don't like our attitude, blame yourself!
    i see a report button here so better be careful what i say. I have not made a comment or a post anywhere asking people to hate you but the fact that you think that means that you realise that people dont like you, your ideas, your attitude, your disrespect towards other players & a whole pile of other things
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