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Grapho's Graphics


I would have thought a Minotaur would have been more in keeping (man with a bulls head)


hi grapho, nice works you have mate :) my guild's Name is Warlords of Fel, could you manage to do a sig with a Warlord in it plus the guilds name, perhaps making it one and a half times longer than the height.........thanks very much in advance.


Grapho hasn't been on for a while

Last Activity - 18-04-2014 12:10


We do, meanwhile I'll go and see what the sig people in grepo can do


wow just looked at this shop. Sorry for the inactivity. I have had a lot of RL stuff.

Now Accepting new orders.
if you already posted, please repost your order

Some of my recent work:




Good to see you are still around Grapho
If you can I would like it if you could do something with signature I have
Maybe enlarge it and put my name in it
Or just use your imagination and make me 1 I think It would be great to have a Grapho original
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doubledecker how dare u !! hahahaha i rather it be a little more feminine than that i think haha :D


wow this signature size limit is impossible :(. Super hard to make anything within the height of 100px