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New Content Cultural Settlements - Feudal Japan

  • Thread starter DeletedUser104881
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actually you asked for a viking reward for not doing the vikings :lol:

If special buildings of cultural settlements provide better rewards than Shrines, as the game develops
aren't the japanese buildings better ?


I've found this much easier than the Vikings, keep forgetting about it but should still finish well inside the gold time. The trader makes it much easier to open cheap expansions early on
I completed my 1st run with about 8 hours to spare, and i lost time because i was caught out by the final quest, so had to build the buildings then wait for the 8 hour goods productions. 8-)
I completed my 1st run with about 8 hours to spare, and i lost time because i was caught out by the final quest, so had to build the buildings then wait for the 8 hour goods productions. 8-)
2nd time round isn't going as well, horrible goods amounts and awful impediments. Will be lucky to finish on time

Zeratul 2.0

Lieutenant Colonel
first japan settlement in main world
got extremely lucky
merchants always have instruments to offer
so that i bought ALL expansions with instruments
which means, 8 goods per expansion
all the way to the end until the price is 19 even with instruments

but i'm no longer as extremely careful and diligent as in the viking times
getting sloppy making mistakes and not collecting on time
so despite the extreme luck
i finished the first jp settlement only 4 days ahead of time

what did i expect in the first day or two, is
wow, instruments, instruments, instruments... at this rate,
i should be able to finish in 5 days? 7 days at most?

Zeratul 2.0

Lieutenant Colonel
Technically speaking, too many japanese buildings
have even-number length and width,
not as many 3x? and ?x3 buildings as in the vikings

For example, the three types of houses are 2x2, 4x2, and 4x4.
The area of: small house * 4 = medium house *2 = large house = expansion
leaving no space to fit in a road nicely

rick of shaw

I should finish my 2nd in a couple days with 3 days to spare. How do the rest of you roll with this? I use all but 3 expansion and run 5 goods buildings. Ot I try to.
with the Dojo at the end - has anyone even seen it built before finishing settlement ???
I have :D but only because I messed up and built the wrong goods building so had to build the correct one and then wait for the production :(
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Warrant Officer

* If the impediments are really bad you can abandon the settlement and try your luck the next day, it worked for me in 1 world on 2nd run...
x4 can really help with expanding quicker as well

Abandoning the settlement didn't change the impediments positions in vikings, will someone else confirm if this work in Feudal Japan?

Zeratul 2.0

Lieutenant Colonel
Finished the second Japan settlement with 5+ days to spare.
Too easy.
Didn't make much effort (except for postponing bed time by one hour yesterday, solely to wait for 2 goods buildings to be built and set them on 8h production...)


I can confirm that the Blue Galaxy's 2X Bonus applies to the Timeless Dojo BUT NOT to the 1 Military Unit that you get from it every 24 hours (confirming once again the behavior of the Blue Galaxy, which gives the player a chance and ability to double resources collected for a given building, excluding Military and Great Buildings)




for a given building, excluding Military and Great Buildings
the dojo is not a military building
it is a house
so not doubling the unit is a bug

and to explain that people understand why MILITARY buildings can't give double units
military units are buildings that have unit slot. they don't produce like other buildings: you collect and then the next production starts
but that doesn't apply to military units: you produce a unit: and then?
exactly it occupies that slot and the unit can't be recruited until it died
and that is the reason why MILITARY buildings can't give double units from Blue Galaxie
if it would one slot would need to occupy two units at the same time

and now back to the Dojo
it can give double units. because it doesn't have slots. it produces unattached units
so not giving 2 units is a bug

the difference in short:
military building have unit slots and produce attached units
the dojo is a house that produces unattached units

(and some more points where you will recognize that the Dojo is not a military building:
quests asking to build a military building don't count it. but quests for houses
the output of the Alcatraz isn't affect from it: if it would be a military building Alcatraz would produce those unit because it clearly says it produces the units that are produced in the city)
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Zeratul 2.0

Lieutenant Colonel
I unlocked 5 expansions on the beginning of Day 3, with the advanced goods (instruments) from the Merchant, immediately after the 5th quest

-- Actually, I think it is Day 2.

One day and nine hours have passed.
It could be changed to be better but why should it?

The requirements for research are displayed in exactly the same way, one tech can be red but the next in line can be green for the same type of goods needed


My point was that it could be changed to a better way - where the colour coding reflects the TOTAL number of goods required, so if the paintings total was 91 (not 50) & all the numbers were white then you would know that you already have enough of that good that you can stop producing.
Your pretty pictures are just to much for us. Who would have thought there was a point behind it.:zzz: