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New Content Cultural Settlements - Feudal Japan

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Cultural Settlements - Feudal Japan arrives on July 10th. Read the details here and as always, we look forward to your comments and feedback below!

Any Empire

Playing the Japanese settlement on Beta, and find it a bit faster paced than Vikings. It seems to have a little more flexibility in designing the city (e.g the torii gates can be placed either 1x3 or 3x1), The addition of the Merchant makes it more interesting as well, as it can provide a way to buy expansions earlier on. There seem to be more impediments, however, so the city layout is more challenging, which also provides more opportunity to be strategic in how and when you place buildings.

Since you can do both (but not at same time) alternating between Vikings and Japan can break up the tedium a bit compared to doing 15 Viking settlements in a row.

But.....I'm not as enthused about the Shinto Temple, compared to the Yggdrasil , since the lvl 10 Yggy has that great 30% attack boost. Shinto replaces it with a supply boost, which isn't as useful to my needs. Of course, others might find that great; it just doesn’t work for me.

The 2nd building, the Timeless Dojo, is also less interesting (IMHO) than the Viking’s Runestone. I'm using the Runes to replace some SoKs.
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Where are the attack boosts in the reward buildings - big omission. Without that may not justify the space. I'll just do it for fun


I think it is safe to assume that each new settlement, will have slightly more focus on each part of the game, Fighting ATK, Production, FPs, Defence etc. I also hope that we can have something that would relate to to expansions – perhaps a theme of the Desserts idk, just a thought.
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I like the new features in Japan cultural settlements but wish there could be less emphasis on buildings being motivated by others to receive the rewards in the buildings.Hence like some other events in forge of empires forge points dont have to be acquired if buildings are not motivated.Its the main reason why I dont acquire shirine of knowledge no more.I have a surplus of these where I havent got the forge point due to it not being motivated by others.


I'm in the middle of Vikings and need to know if Vikings will be replaced by this new one. From reading above, I see that both will be available, but not at the same time. What does that mean? When I click on the boat,will I get a choice of one settlement or another so I can go in to say vikings first, collect and update items, then go in to Japan and do the same? Or does it mean I have to complete a current level of vikings (the 15 days) all the way through (or abandoning the settlement), then I get a choice of doing the next round of vikings or choosing Japan? Everything I've read doesn't make this clear.
If it's the latter, can I finish off say 3 levels of Vikings, then do Japan a few levels, then go back to Vikings?
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The second option.

When you start a new settlement you will get the choice of which to do. Then play that until completed or abandoned where you will be able to choose again next time you start

Deleted member 112124

Been looking forward to the next Settlements arriving and am interested to see how it performs, hopefully better as the Devs, having learned from Vikings, will have it down pat.
The Buildings seem a bit short on Boosts and rewards for their sizes but we'll see how it goes.
The Emissaries will be very welcome though, so they at least will be a good little bonus.
Also, the Merchant will be a potentially beneficial change-up and give more opportunities for advancement.
The only drawback I see at present is not being able to have Vikings and Japan running contemporaneously as that would fill the time with more activity.
I think that I'll finish off the Viking rewards list before moving on just to get the last Emissary and Yggdrasil upgrade. That will give me the opportunity to learn here from {positive} posters on the subject just as I did from Beta-Testers about the Vikings.


Why is it one settlement or another?
This game needs some more creative action, besides battles.
Thank you.