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    Jan 18, 2016
    playing style dictates whether this idea is good or not. but by having zero plunderable buildings you also preclude yourself from ever getting rewards from those buildings. IMO thats not a good strategy. mostly because you gain more from having buildings than what you lose. I've see cities full of tribal squares. yes it works, but its way more efficient to use plunderable buildings. I choose to have FP buildings - farms, bazaars, etc.

    I appreciate someone posting a guide to avoiding plundering. and something with more substance than simply saying "collect on time".

    anyone with traz really does not care about losing a few rogues.

    I prefer to aid. I get rewards from seed vault when I do. might not be better than if I plundered, but it takes less time
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    Aug 22, 2016
    I've been attacked like a dozen times over 2 years. Please "visit" me in Noarsil (same nickname) coz I'm getting bored :)
    p.s. No Deal or Basil, so you really welcome.
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    All that sounds like a hell of a lot of work.

    Why not just fill your city with watchfires instead?
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    Nov 13, 2017
    That will work if you have no other buildings.
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    Two main reasons come to mind.
    1) Watchfires can't really keep away a determined attacker.
    2) Watchfires take up space that could be used for something else.
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    This really is an odd way to view the game. Disconnecting and avoiding plunderable buildings is just cutting off your nose to spite your face. You'd progress much faster if you abandoned this strategy.

    You have a few million coins and you think that's good? I have 5 billion coins and I have plenty of plunderable buildings. As far as I can see, no successful player adopts this strategy - it's just foolish - and you certainly are not causing plunderers any frustration. You are just adopting a victim mentality and projecting your frustration onto them.
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    Personally, I PVP for the medals. I rarely plunder, but depends on the hood. If you are my level and an idiot, I will plunder. I may not feel joyous about it, but will still do it. Don't set up 7 rogues and 1 anything else if you are defending. Does no one watch the movie? Ritual Flames, watchtowers, GB, etc, all the things necessary to make it tough for PVPers, make a nice challenge to overcome. Strategy game after all. Review and learn.

    Also there are times that disconnecting roads can be a help. Not everything restarts from zero when you disconnect from TH.

    There is a particular player who has been in my hood on several rotations. Top of the food chain in points, and plunders only the most succulent of prizes. Since most everything that can be ismotivated in my city, he was targeting my Palaces every time- and they cannot be motivated. However, they can be disconnected, and when reconnected, as was said, they take up where they left off in the cycle. If they had 4 hours until maturity when you disconnect them, they have 4 hours when you reconnect. I took advantage of this to get a precise collection time, or change it as needed if he was able to beat me. Also watch his tactics and change my home team to match, and he only had one opportunity to plunder this time, but nothing he could get in time. Not perfect, but saves what I want from being taken, and frustrates him, I am sure. /shrug
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    Good for you but impractical if you want to maximise your income in the game.

    I'd rather capitalise on the most efficient buildings then worry about whether someone's going to plunder to the point of limiting my options on what to build. If your strategy gets me say, 500 goods, and a plunderable city gets me 2,000 goods I'd go with a plunderable city as the return difference is far higher then any amount the plunderers will be able to take once you have a decent defence army
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    You may be the "hood bullies" but for Christ sakes it's spelt ROGUES ...not rouges.Some of you need to get a real life! I bet you sit around all day with spread sheets Geez!
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    What? My post has neither rogue nor rouge in it.
    Also if you want to mark words it's spreadsheets not spread sheets.
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    Chill Snarko! Your post is cool... depending where you are from, can be spreadsheets or spread sheets!