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Personally, I PVP for the medals. I rarely plunder, but depends on the hood. If you are my level and an idiot, I will plunder. I may not feel joyous about it, but will still do it. Don't set up 7 rogues and 1 anything else if you are defending. Does no one watch the movie? Ritual Flames, watchtowers, GB, etc, all the things necessary to make it tough for PVPers, make a nice challenge to overcome. Strategy game after all. Review and learn.

Also there are times that disconnecting roads can be a help. Not everything restarts from zero when you disconnect from TH.

There is a particular player who has been in my hood on several rotations. Top of the food chain in points, and plunders only the most succulent of prizes. Since most everything that can be ismotivated in my city, he was targeting my Palaces every time- and they cannot be motivated. However, they can be disconnected, and when reconnected, as was said, they take up where they left off in the cycle. If they had 4 hours until maturity when you disconnect them, they have 4 hours when you reconnect. I took advantage of this to get a precise collection time, or change it as needed if he was able to beat me. Also watch his tactics and change my home team to match, and he only had one opportunity to plunder this time, but nothing he could get in time. Not perfect, but saves what I want from being taken, and frustrates him, I am sure. /shrug
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Good for you but impractical if you want to maximise your income in the game.

I'd rather capitalise on the most efficient buildings then worry about whether someone's going to plunder to the point of limiting my options on what to build. If your strategy gets me say, 500 goods, and a plunderable city gets me 2,000 goods I'd go with a plunderable city as the return difference is far higher then any amount the plunderers will be able to take once you have a decent defence army


So buy some (lots of) FP, connect your houses and make sure they are motivated. You can have it both ways!
Only use houses that take a long time to finish production and only collect if enough of your city is motivated that you know the houses will be motivated again before they finish. You increase your coin income AND nobody can plunder your houses. Win-win.

I don't see the point of using this strategy but if you want to maximize it then your houses should be connected. Just be smart about when you collect from them and how many of them you collect from.
You may be the "hood bullies" but for Christ sakes it's spelt ROGUES ...not rouges.Some of you need to get a real life! I bet you sit around all day with spread sheets Geez!


You may be the "hood bullies" but for Christ sakes it's spelt ROGUES ...not rouges.Some of you need to get a real life! I bet you sit around all day with spread sheets Geez!
What? My post has neither rogue nor rouge in it.
Also if you want to mark words it's spreadsheets not spread sheets.


Chill Snarko! Your post is cool... depending where you are from, can be spreadsheets or spread sheets!


Inefficient solution to avoid plundering I think.
Way too much efforts while you can simply collect in time.
Now you are a thief of yourself.
But if it works for the OP why not: each his/ her game.


There is 1 Massive flaw in this plan concerning the disconnecting roads.

There are buildings which still produce as they do not need roads.

Classic example is the Gong of Wisdom from the Cherry Garden set.
When next to 4 other buildings of the same set it gives Medals and FP.
Even alone it gives medals.
There are others that do the same as well.
Houses ???? On my one world i have 11k population, Only "house " i have is the Lord's Manor Which gives fp when motivated. ( and i Dont have a Capitol GB,)

I get the drift of this idea, iv been frustrated and driven mad by plunderers myself. ( BTW you DO realize that you have become that which you despise. A "Bully" (as you stated yourself. )
Which begs the question, do you dislike "bullies"? Or do you just dislike Other 'bully's
doing unto you as you do unto others. ( p.s this is not a personal attack on you, just an observation made by reading your own words. )

The best foolproof way to avoid being plundered will always be.... Collect on time.
Iv tried lots of things, many of them the same as you suggest, and none beat the above.
As others have stated, your method probably costs you more than what any plunderer will take.
The only thing that could get out of hand is when you have multiple bigger players hitting you daily.
Solution.... Ask support to move you to a different hood. ( of course this doesnt always help, but odds are on your side.

My method of dealing with this.
1) Keep telling yourself... Its a game, nothing taken from you is real, ( of course if you spent money and bought diamonds ) it might feel real.
3) Laugh, suck it up and move on ( easier said than done, i know )
4) Collect on time
5) Try accept this is part of the game
6) Take What You Can.... Give Nothing Back.
And lastly...
Only Rules.jpg

P.S Happy New Year.


Mine still is, iv disconnected all my roads and the Gong still shows its production as being available. Iv double tested and collected it whilst roads are off.
The Madame Fortuna's tent is as well.
I wonder if thats a fault in my game, or if they never changed it.


Just done this now.


And i can collect them, ( the one without resource available i just collected ) which should mean an attacker can plunder them?


all ages buildings can't be plundered

that includes
victory tower
wishing well / fountain of youth
and all other all ages buidlings

Correct that i know, but what i find curious is that all of those, if you take away the roads, go into no entry sign ( as you see with that wishing well in the image ) BUT the Gong Still shows its production as being available, I know the Madame Fortuna's tent does the same.
So i can still collect them, as you see above, there are 3 gongs, but iv collected 1. Surely this means it can be plundered as well?
And that little gong gives a few nice fp when next to the rest of the set.

Or are you saying that like WW and VT etc, irrespective of roads or not, The Gong still cant be plundered?
Does it remain showing its production because its a 1x1 building that does not need a rd.?
If that is so then i stand corrected.


Tired of the neighborhood bully spanking you mercilessly day after day after day and then plundering your goods and forge points for 14 days straight? I was. So, I did something about it. Now, I have a city that produces all the goods, supplies and forge points I need and has a 0% chance of being plundered by neighborhood bullies.
Would you like to impart your method of eliminating under??


Players can only plunder one building at a time so say you are unlucky and you are attacked 6 times a day and 6 of your buildings are plundered. Just repair them and move on! Disconnecting all the buildings from the town hall is like wanting to eat with out getting anything dirty. So, you don't use a plate, you eat your meal right on the table. Newsflash! You might have a clean plate, but you have a dirty table. Not worth it at all. Instead of just losing some coins, goods or supplies, you've lost everything.
I plunder sometimes, and I get plundered some times. I've never had any problems before. No need to call each other "bullies",It's just part of the game! Anybody agree? :blush:
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