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Tired of the neighborhood bully spanking you mercilessly day after day after day and then plundering your goods and forge points for 14 days straight? I was. So, I did something about it. Now, I have a city that produces all the goods, supplies and forge points I need and has a 0% chance of being plundered by neighborhood bullies.
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Interesting read. Clearly you’ve been quite worked up, gave this considerable thought, and put in some serious time on this one.

Here are my thoughts (well, they aren’t MINE per se since they have been repeated here many, many times):

A. Players who, following the rules, choose to attack and plunder each 24 hours for 14 straight days aren’t bullies but players who choose an aggressive style. To call such players bullies is inflammatory and immature in my opinion.

B. Clearly this game favours the attacker. But the owners/managers have given opportunity to each player to collect their goods, FPs, BPs, etc. when it suits them. I get hit everyday. My goods are rarely stolen because I clear them off the map quickly once a day.

C. There’s always Candy Land for those who get stressed out. :-)

As much as I appreciate where you are coming from your approach is way to stifling for me.

Take care. Be well.



Disconnect your houses from the road leading to your town hall.
that is stupid

unconnected houses = 0 coins
that would be equally to the worst case scenario: all houses plundered

so as long as not all houses are plundered daily disconnecting is worse than being plundered
(assuming those are 24h houses. in 1 hour houses all productions can never be plundered)

and even if all are plundered there is a positive side effect: people who plundered houses can't plunder something else


Hmm. I like CR's approach a lil better. But, the valid points here are present, and are worthy in combination to eventually implement.

What I am using from here:
- NO buildings that can't be motivated and can be plundered. Safety first.
- Use buildings that give you more than just double coins when motivated. Pillar of heroes, back tower, SoKs, tribal squares, what have you, and what you desire to build.
- Use great buildings to high extent. (Gonna put that Cape actually, once I get goods)

What I use that's not listed here:
- I run daily productions from current age supply buildings. They get motivated, voila, non-plunderable supplies.
-I tolerate getting plundered for houses, if they are actually capable of winning vs my defence. Let them get those 110 coins (280, whatever) at the potential expense of losing a unit or two.
- I still run goods production - not exactly a zero-plunder configuration, but a real help in getting through GE4 to get them diamonds, as well as an indirect source of ritual flames (read less chance of getting plundered at all). Probably I will eventually drop goods production in order to get me more RQ fodder, will need to compensate with previous age's tribal squares, tho.
- I aid my hood normally, this has better potential to make more aids to my houses, thus less chance to actually get plundered. And I normally take revenge if I'm getting attacked to make them feel their medicine. And since they normally have something to plunder, I take profit in immediate rewards as well as lessening chances of them trying this again.


No, it isn't stupid.
it is

A) Disconnected houses CAN'T be plundered
disconnected houses also can't be collected

B) I get more coins aiding neighbors and friends than I do from houses.
think again

even if: aiding > houses
then still: aiding + houses > aiding

disconnected houses give less coins than houses which get plundered from time to time (because there aren't always all houses plundered)


Statistically speaking, you lose 99 times out of 100 with this overzealous impossible task. It may play in your favor in an odd time, probably more because of luck than anything else. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get ahead or in a better shape if you disconnect. Doesn't take a mathematician to figure that one out. If you are in Korch, can I get to know your player name so if we are in the same hood one day I will show you a plunder or two and prove you wrong? People who play this game for the attack aspect dont give a darn about loosing 20 rogue a day even if the plunder is only 10 coins from a hut. A plunder is still a kick in the butt at the opponent and it makes people who go out of their way to avoid a plunder go nuts, which I am ready to loose 100 rogue a day for :) Gotta love the nasty messages that comes after the plunder, that is worth the loss of a lotta rogues!
I won't hide it, the whole Plunderer-Plunderee hot debate is always soooo much fun, as fun as actually playing the game LOL.

- "I am the bully your mom warned you about :)"



Great argument. That's telling him!

disconnected houses also can't be collected

Since he does not want to collect them I don't think he really cares about that

think again

even if: aiding > houses
then still: aiding + houses > aiding

disconnected houses give less coins than houses which get plundered from time to time (because there aren't always all houses plundered)

Read again.

You are making a comparison he has ruled out and in his comparison he can be right in his situation.

@Sailwind If you wanty to play that way fine, but you are using only about 50% of your capacity. Another possibility is to produce at full capacity and take the loss of being plundered. If you do that you will make much more than you do now.


I have no want for forge points, goods, supplies and coins using this guideline.

Neither do I NOT following your recreation of the game as envisioned and designed. I'm 2/3 through LMA, usually in the first 10 in the neighbourhood, and rarely loose a nickel. Or even get attacked for that matter.


But I know where you are coming from. Some weeks I attack everyone 24/7 when I'm off work for a couple of weeks. I love the challenge of having enough useful troops (since I don't have an Alcatraz) and the reward of taking your stuff. Especially if an opponent hasn't synced up their productions. Fun.

It's even MORE fun to hit a player who has disconnected all their houses, not built any goods or supply huts (and yes, I've seen that a time or two) but have laid down something like a Pillar of Heroes that they may have won in a special quest. And they forget to collect it. And I hit it for the goods, the forge points, the cash and the hammers. Sweet.

~evil grin~

It's even More-MORE fun to then get a PM from that player with a creative whine-brag about how righteous a player THEY are and how evil and immoral I am. It's awesome. I've saved some of the best ones on my iPad. Hehe...



And, if you lose 20 unattached rouges per day, you're not an idiot; you're a moron
And I love you too Sailwind.
Predators like me me feed on the fear all of us can smell between each sentences of your post here. I sense much fear in you and enjoy your palpable torment. We can almost hear the tremor in your voice while you try so hard to convince yourself here. Would you kindly tell me your player name and word you play in? Probably not but I ask anyway. See, I would pay premium diamonds as a bribe to Inno to get to be in the same hood as you. The satisfaction I would get from crushing your two spearmen with my stone throwers would be quite orgasmic. LOL
Damn I love this game LOL


Man, this is a weird thread. I'm a fighter and a plunderer. I play in 3 worlds and average 7 or 8 fight campaigns across each world each fortnight. Disconnecting houses would have no effect on my strategy because I don't usually plunder coin producers, or supply producers or special buildings for that matter because my worlds produce all the coins and supplies I need. I plunder goods almost exclusively. I have a success rate of about 1 in 3 attacks and plunder about 3500 goods per fortnight and if the game tightened up half of that total would still be satisfactory.
As I see it the only way to keep me out is to spend silver on a city shield or have a city made entirely of GBs.

On the other hand this piece of advice is excellent.

COLLECT THE SUPPLIES FROM YOUR SUPPLY BUILDINGS ON TIME. That doesn't mean check back 4 hours after production is complete. It means check back NO LATER than 5 minutes after production is complete. Pretend you're going to work. Do you show up 4 hours late, or do you show up 15 minutes early? Let the metaphor be your guide. If something comes up, and you can't be around to collect a time-consuming production, disconnect the buildings from the town hall. Production stops, the buildings can't be plundered and the timer stops when they're disconnected from the town hall. The timer doesn't reset to 0 or make you restart from the beginning when you disconnect from the town hall. When you reconnect, the timer restarts from where it left off before you disconnected. So, if you disconnect, make sure to reconnect when you can collect in the time remaining for the production.

Being organised and planning your productions to minimise any delays to collections is, I think, the best way to avoid being plundered. I'm just happy that most players don't heed this advice!!!
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No offense, but only a fool defending an untenable position would make a statement like that. I'm a neighborhood bully, too, and I HATE losing 1 rouge per day let alone 20 per day. I can't afford, and do not tolerate, losses on that scale. Sustaining losses on that scale shows a lack of intelligence on the part of the attacker. It takes a day (give or take) to train a new rogue, and if you lose 20 attached rouges, chances are you don't have 20 Rogue Hideouts to replace the losses in a day (give or take). Chances are you've lost multiple rouges from the same hideout and replacing them all will take several days. It doesn't take a mathematician to figure that out. And, if you lose 20 unattached rouges per day, you're not an idiot; you're a moron. Attack smart, minimize losses. If you lose 2-4 rouges per day attacking me and get nothing in return for 14 days, you deserve what you do and do not get from me.

Only fool here is you with your argument. I only use unattached rogues and have 3509 at the moment. With Alcatraz it only becomes more not less. I do not care to lose 50 or more a day.

Your styrategy is not well thought off, cause it is all based on your situation and your way of playng. There are much better ways and one is to simply accept you can be plundered and don't bother about it.


still best way to get not plundered: collect in time

When you make a statement such as "even if the plunder is only 10 coins from a hut," I call that a "rage plunder." Only a sore loser...er, winner... makes that type of plunder. Accept the fact that you lost 20 rouges for the week and got nothing in return. Move on. Be a man, not a spre winner.
I love those morons who are so desperate that they need to plunder a blacksmith (running for event or daily challenge) in oceanic future because they don't find something else

And, if you lose 20 unattached rouges per day, you're not an idiot; you're a moron. Attack smart, minimize losses.
actually it is minimizing the time to battle

you only need that your Alcatraz is higher than your daily losses :blush:


Wrong. Disconnected houses from the roads leading to the town hall doesn't stifle your ability to get ahead. I have 13.4 million coins and haven't collected from a house since Iron Age. Collecting from houses is pointless. Keeping houses connecting opens you up to plundering. This is a post about eliminating your chances of plundering. Disconnect your houses.

So buy some (lots of) FP, connect your houses and make sure they are motivated. You can have it both ways!
Only use houses that take a long time to finish production and only collect if enough of your city is motivated that you know the houses will be motivated again before they finish. You increase your coin income AND nobody can plunder your houses. Win-win.

I don't see the point of using this strategy but if you want to maximize it then your houses should be connected. Just be smart about when you collect from them and how many of them you collect from.


playing style dictates whether this idea is good or not. but by having zero plunderable buildings you also preclude yourself from ever getting rewards from those buildings. IMO thats not a good strategy. mostly because you gain more from having buildings than what you lose. I've see cities full of tribal squares. yes it works, but its way more efficient to use plunderable buildings. I choose to have FP buildings - farms, bazaars, etc.

I appreciate someone posting a guide to avoiding plundering. and something with more substance than simply saying "collect on time".

anyone with traz really does not care about losing a few rogues.

I prefer to aid. I get rewards from seed vault when I do. might not be better than if I plundered, but it takes less time


Neither do I NOT following your recreation of the game as envisioned and designed. I'm 2/3 through LMA, usually in the first 10 in the neighbourhood, and rarely loose a nickel. Or even get attacked for that matter.
I've been attacked like a dozen times over 2 years. Please "visit" me in Noarsil (same nickname) coz I'm getting bored :)
p.s. No Deal or Basil, so you really welcome.


All that sounds like a hell of a lot of work.

Why not just fill your city with watchfires instead?


All that sounds like a hell of a lot of work.

Why not just fill your city with watchfires instead?
Two main reasons come to mind.
1) Watchfires can't really keep away a determined attacker.
2) Watchfires take up space that could be used for something else.
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Lieutenant Colonel
This really is an odd way to view the game. Disconnecting and avoiding plunderable buildings is just cutting off your nose to spite your face. You'd progress much faster if you abandoned this strategy.

You have a few million coins and you think that's good? I have 5 billion coins and I have plenty of plunderable buildings. As far as I can see, no successful player adopts this strategy - it's just foolish - and you certainly are not causing plunderers any frustration. You are just adopting a victim mentality and projecting your frustration onto them.
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