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Champion of Fel Dranghyr


well done Pzkpfwv1d
i just looked at the troops you used and not a single rouge in the line up so that is a great job my hat is off to you big well done from me


One little glitch there Overtype, I moved from More Private Trading to Private Trading in November, however, you have entered the last report as still being in More Private Trading, could you please amend according thank you


Hey g3n33rs, welcome to the forums!
This thread is only for single battles, PvP Tower Results are posted in this thread


Nutmadder - The Mad Hatters - LMA, no GB boost, 3403 points.


hum... this thread is updated so often that I have the time to even beat my own score (lol)

Nutmadder - The Mad Hatters - LMA : 3,743 points, still no GB Boost :)

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Scores and titles have been updated (and Pzkpfwv1d's guild name was corrected). Congrats to byeordie, NutMadder, and Rassie on your new/updated titles/scores!

Sorry for the delay in updating these titles - let me know if I missed anything - I'm sure you will! ;)


Akbhoy67 - Industrial Age Champion - Warlords of Fel - 25,896 points

my score listed above from 2 months ago has not been included :( it is post #74 in this thread

thanks, akkers


I apologize for missing that one, Akbhoy67! It is updated now. Congrats on a job well done! :D

Again, if I have missed anything else, please let me know. ;)


Sdragonfun - ME champion - McCallirons Elites - 38698 points
The defending army has 120% defence bouns


byeordie - ME Champion - Private Trading - 49920 Points
Just ignore my ME Tower Ranking :P

byeordie - ME (No Boost) - Private Trading - 27072 Points
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on behalf of my guildmate burnside (he has problems uploading)

Burnside - Progressive Era - Warlords of Fel - 47,778k
burnside PE 47778.png


Scores and titles have been updated. Congrats to byeordie and Burnside on your new/updated titles/scores (with an Honorable Mention for Sdragonfun of McCallirons Elites who held the boosted ME title for 3 days with a score of 38,698 points)! :cool:


Thought I'd post this one up (did it awhile ago, but kept on forgetting to upload it :p):
byeordie - PME (No Boost) - Private Trading - 63920 Points

(Would of done even better if I decided to revive/heal my units after the first wave ;))

*Sigh* if I could only post my scores from beta:

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Pzkpfwv1d - ME - Private Trading - 50920
ME battle fel 14.08.2014 50k points.png

Put it in the right thread this time - got it on the wrong world first time


New battle results keep forgetting to post higher score, have beaten this result

Modern Era - Private Trading - 55712 points today

ME battle Fel Dranghyr 11.09.2014.png
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