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Break A Wish


you tried at some retro disco, it was too horrible they had to scuffle you out

I want to know how long is eternity


You will know, in an eternity's time.

I want to live in a big country.


too bad, stuffed you in a cage and shipped you off to market.

i want purple people eaters.


you got them but soon turned out that they prefer eating purple sheep

I wish I can have that black compass Captain Jack Sparrow has so I know where the thing I want the most is :p


you find out that this is yourself :p

i wish i had more time to do all the nothing i want.


you got it but it was literally nothing,

I want to make sense, at least sometimes


You find out sense isn't all its cracked up to be

I want to be a mystery


you were but your neighbors with some guy named "Mr. Holmes"

I want to be able to turn garbage into trees :D


Pure physics makes this impossible :( (but i wish):p

I want a closet full of wooden shoes


The trees in the village eat you for revenge of killing them.

I want to be a candle.


you turn out to be a scented candle we all feel somewhat relaxed smelling you burn

i want to be god


you are, but only in a small African village.

I don't want to marry blacksmith ;)


that's ok, he saw sense and left you at the altar

i want free diamonds, and i want them NOW :p


people realize they dont have to be in a cathedral to worship a god

i want to go home.


Your cardboard box is now filled up with rubbish.

I want to be a grizzly bear.


Grizzly adams makes you his pet ( my village :confused: sorry wrong thread ;) )

I want to go back in time


You can not find a square diaper, so you can not be a baby

I want to be promoted at work

This should be good.


you get promoted to the unemployment line

i want to get lassoed by wonderwomans golden lasso and made to tell the truth ;)