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Break A Wish


Player 1:I want 1 million bucks

Player 2:its fake money

Get It?:p


He falls madly in love with you and you get married. then you find out its a johnny depp from Arkansas who is already married to 3 cousins.

I wish I was the Eternal Emperor of Earth.


You are, except you only have the title not the role.

I want some grass.


you get some and are arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

I want this thread to continue



i hack the system and delete this thread

I want a moderator's position


You become moderator of the Lithuanian forum.

I want to be a bouncer.


you bounce enough already because suddenly you are chubby

I want nothing.


your dream comes true but a giant cosmic being wipes you away and flushes you down the toilet

i want a pizza


you get everything you wished for but it is not enough!

I want to be a womble


your pointy nose and fur fall off as your burrow caves in

I want pumpkin pie


It is a haunted pumpkin pie and scares you.

I want to live in California.


you are convicted of a crime that you did not commit, and lucky for you, they just re-opened alcatraz...have fun in prison
i want someone to reply to this post


here's your reply and her's some negative rep aswell :D

i want the know the square root of pie


You get 10.000 diamonds but the server gives an error and you lose it all

I wish the new update for FOE came on Sunday


It come on Sunday on MAT (Mars Asian Timezone) which is Monday for the rest of us.

I want to ride a horse.