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Break A Wish


Camilla the Dutchess of Cornwall isnt impressed and her husband the Prince of Wales has you arrested.

I want a wild party with all supermodels GIRL supermodels :P
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They instantly leave the moment they smell you.

I want to be happy.


You were enlisted but soon keel hauled after you were caught getting sea sick and throwing up on the captain's nice and neat newly ironed uniform.

I want to be an Aesir.


You become a member and people immediately start cursing your name and your kicked out for "bringing the pantheon into disrepute"

I want to become the wind.


You are the wind, something to do with all the grass you eat!!
Now you can't stop passing wind :)

I want to be 18 again


You become 18, but are still mistaken for your current age.

I want to go on a boat.


It does, but it is so hot, you dehydrate.

I want to be a genius.


you were, and as you were on the verge of discovering tachyonic dark matter, you ripped time-space apart and were warped into nowhere

I want to be a poker star


You are now shining very brightly, well you were a black hole just ate you.

I want to be a kidnapper.


You are, but you messed up on your first job, you accidentally kidnapped yer own lamb and asked ransom from yer divorced wife who recognized yer voice over the phone no matter how much you try to keep it coarse.

I want world peace :D


It lasts just 2 days (America blew up Russia)

I want to be Prime Minister.


But you joined some warmonger president in some unpopular war.

I want to be mortal.


You become a mortal, and then die.

I want to become a member of the SAS.


there were no pants and firearms designed for four hooves

I want to create another universe


You create a parallel universe but you can't access it.

I want to know if I should stay or should I go now?


you were too caught up in thinking about yer decision and ended up staying forever

I want milk tea :D