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Recent content by eddybegood

  1. Update Update to 1.231 Feedback

    Dear developers, Thank you for making things easier for us with the neighbourly helper function, aiding was a real pain and time consuming.
  2. Update Update to 1.231 Feedback

    Had same problem, but only the one time
  3. Friends tavern & aid automation.

    It takes forever to aid and visit taverns on a PC of all friends, Guide mates and neighbors, fully agree.
  4. Unformatted: Scrolling between buildings

    Proposal: To make FOE more user friendly and reduce the clicks Reason: Having easy access to the status of all buildings of the same type instead of "hunting" in the city. Details: Lets take production buildings as an example. You can scroll between buildings that have not been assigned...
  5. Differences between PC and Mobile

    Hi, Does anybody know what the below is, I thought medals but its not. This is not on my android when I log into my account.
  6. Daily quests

    obviously they can be skipped, but why be unreasonable, many adults play the game who work and cannot log in every few min......
  7. Daily quests

    Having increased the daily quest for collecting tavern silver to 3.5k is unrealistic. Please remember many of us have a life and we are not on the game 24/7 to empty the tavern and to constantly check for open spots in a tavern. I have also noticed that as soon as there is a tavern silver quest...
  8. Fall Event 2021 Feedback

    Two worlds, a total of 3 incidents collected that have ingredients, not impressed with this event
  9. New Bug: Reconstruction Mode Broken

    they dont care, as long as you buy diamonds, this was reported before......
  10. New Bug: Reconstruction mode cancel button broken

    New update, no mention of this being fixed........