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New profile posts

I've stuck with the game a long time but updates of late seems to be directed mostly at the browser players. It seems FoE wants to be a phone app game only, as they clearly have advantages now. From what I understand the mobile apps don't have quest delays and the hint is they probably won't. Huh. Too bad the app is a bloated 1GB phone-overheating battery-draining memory-hogging behemoth. Which I deleted.
Well it's update Monday, recent winner updates so far:
--super annoying Zoom on the production window thingy,
--purposeful delay in aborting quests so that we can take longer collecting our cities
--Changing Galata Tower from No Age to EMA probably qualifies for the trifecta.
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Ariana Erosaire
Ariana Erosaire
It seems every 6 months Innogames is due for some whoppers. My last run of posts was in September when they hit the trifecta there:
--PvP Arena (scrapped - terrible match system)
--Msg Center changes with no warning (and it's 5 important msgs which were supposed to replace the guild forums - lol)
--Guild forums to be scrapped (still in the game - whatever, we built our own guild website)
Asking myself where will it end
Ariana Erosaire
Ariana Erosaire
I've complained on the forums more in the past 6 months than in the previous 6 years... WTF is going on, indeed.
HRC was previous account, but mods deleted it so that account is under DeletedUser653
Knight of ICE
Knight of ICE
You can not give something back that is not there anymore.
signature amended to say INNO. All my posts are still there
Knight of ICE
Knight of ICE
Yes, but they are no longer your posts. They are the posts of DeletedUserXXXX. You are in no way connected to those anymore. They can be from any DeletedUser. Only thing you can do after being deleted is reclaim your old name if it hasn't been taken.
How do you get Victory Roads for the Statue of Honour please?
fight in GBG. you can get them there.
Paladiac the Pure
Your Guild Battleground has to be Platinum or Diamond League to get the fragments for the Victory Road as rewards at the end of the Battleground, and you also need to have a minimum of 40 points, using single or combination of Combat (1 point for each success) and Negotiations (2 points for each success) - if you are in a lower League, you will not see this at all.
Epic Builder x1000
Epic Builder x1000
OR if you have not yet unlocked GBG, and you’re in a diamond or plat guild, you will still get fragments. (It worked with a new world I started)
Accepting friend requests from players in Korch. Currently a 35M point player in TE.
I do 1.9 for players and usually don't snip friends.
Currently in Korch won't say what guild but will be looking to step up in the world so what big guilds are recruiting?