Forwarded: Zoom problems (resets to the highest zoom)


Master Corporal
  • World: Jaims (and all other)
  • Browser and Version: 1.126.39a97cb3ab (14.05.2018 16:11), scibuff (6869907), en9, en_US, WIN 29,0,0,171, Windows 10, Chrome/66.0.3359.139, 2133x1054, OpenGL (Baseline Extended) (336 MB VRAM)
  • Overview of the bug: The zoom resets to the closest view whenever I load the world, or after coming back to my city from the Research, GVG, Continent Map or GE screens.

  • Screenshots: N/A
  • How often this occurs: Occurs every time I zoom out and go to research, GVG, Continent Map, GE
  • Urgency: minor
  • Preventative Actions: Tried 3 different machines (PC) and 2 different browsers (latest Chrome and Firefox)
  • Summary: The zoom resets to the closest view whenever I load the world, or after coming back to my city from the Research, GVG, Continent Map or GE screens.
  • I have performed a quicksearch of the forums using a select few keywords relating to my bug to see if it has already been reported:Yes.
  • Have you tried fixing it by using these methods?: Yes


Master Corporal
I see now in the 1.126 release notes

  • When returning to your city from a different part of the game, the zoom level is now set to the medium distance to keep the city in the focus of the game.
I'm sorry so say but this is by far the worst "improvement" I've seen in a while. Why on Earth would Inno do this.


Although this change was intentional, we have forwarded the issue as feedback from the community.
Good move. As OP stated, it's hardly a major issue. Mostly, it's weird that the change was made. I use my preferred zoom at least 99% or the time, altering it only for a minute or less, and only for a few very specific reasons. I assume that most players are similar in this. Whatever zoom they were using before exiting the city view, is likely to be their preference, and returning to it seems to be the obvious thing. It's the simplest form of customization, and removing it is, well, silly. In my case, the preferred zoom is the medium, so I'm happy enough. However, even preferring medium, the change isn't an improvement; it's just not noticeable. So, nothing gained, something lost. Strange thing to do. I'm sure someone had some reasoning behind it, but I can't imagine what.


For a short while I found i could zoom further out and thus being able to see my entire city which was pretty cool, that has gone now which is a dire shame, I was getting quite use to that!

Tor Humax

If you use Chrome on the Mac it also randomly zooms (in and out) while you move around your city, this can result in the accidental sale of the wrong building, which Inno then won't restore if you're past your recovery limit. The recovery limit should not apply when the sale is as the result of a bug that Inno have introduced as part of what they call an "improvement".

Inno really need to sort out their QA and beta testing, which really are appalling. Far to many improvements are introduced which don't work properly and then either take months to fix, or are never resolved. As Inno state they are aware of these, it is simply sloppy and unprofessional. It's the main reason I will never pay for diamonds ever again.