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Event Winter 2017

Blitz Epidemic

Warrant Officer
As I've said before, I think this game needs an exit strategy - the top players simply become bored once they've reached the final era, and it's practically impossible to balance the game both for them and for everyone else.
We need a "You Have Won - Congratulations" screen marking the end of the game :P
All Inno has to do is introduce AF and OF GVG maps, add GVG for mobile users, tweak GVG rules to get rid of point trolls and allows Obs, Atoms and Arcs to collect goods in any age/era the player achieved. They can change the goods daily.


Thanks for your question. I've check with Game Design. We've got no details as of yet if this will be the case.
Any progress made on this? I would totally support Winter event buildings being included in Daily Challenges!