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Will some kind sole?


The ability to buy back items you have sold at the Antiques Dealer.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?
I have checked, and I don't see anything like it.

If you accidentally sell an item, it takes a long time to call support to get it back so there should be a way to do this by yourself.

There will be a list of stuff you have sold to the Antiques Dealer in another tab. You can buy this back for slightly more then the amount of trade coins you got for selling it.

Visual Aids:

It will not need any changes, although there will be a drop in the amount of TC players have for a while when people are buying items back.

Abuse Prevention:
There should be no abuse as it costs more to buy an item back then to sell it.

The ability to buy back stuff you accidentally sold to the Antiques Dealer.

And... finished. There you are.
Note: I do not support this idea at all!

Xeon of Camelot

Second Lieutenant
Wow Powe that's great!! Do I need a poll with it? If so you can vote against it :)
perhaps a one week timer for antique trader turn-ins.

Deleted member 113256

You're not a fool, only your idea is.
And yes, I'm against it.

Xeon of Camelot

Second Lieutenant
ah yes, I probably need to stop posting; there is no room for errors on this forum. GL all :)

Maybe an option to store GB's would be better.

Xeon of Camelot

Second Lieutenant
Yes many things are right with FOE, patience, investing in and building GB's very helpful guilds etc. It takes a little time to get beyond noob to enjoy so many features so new players might not stick it out that long. I have decided to try to hang in the game but am too noob with poor spelling :D to have much chance of getting an idea properly submitted & implemented. Thanks to all for their advice and guidance, as Knight of Ice says using search and conforming to forum requirements can help a lot. :)