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  1. Selene the Savior 413

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    Apr 9, 2018
    Weirdstone is a small guild looking to expand. Currently level 13 almost 14 (5 levels gained in 3 months). We open level 3 GE every week and 4 if anyone wants to have a go.

    We are raising up 3 Arcs at the moment (levels 12 and below) so it’s a good opportunity to get bps / join Arc fp swaps.

    Requirements to Join:
    - you are expected to cover your goods cost to open all 4 levels GE each week if we aren’t producing your age goods from our Arcs.
    - 8 GE encounters a week
    - a Hall if Fame, or willing to try and get one.

    For an invite please message me, Selene the Savior 413, or Binder-
    Thank you!