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Update Update to 1.209 Feedback


A refresh fixes the count, but it doesn't update as the day goes on.
yes same here, works normaly but needs refresh
also noticed, that a friend who had invited and accepted - couldn't find him on my friendlist (could contribute Forge Points to his Great Buildings though)
if this help anywhere identifing


Warrant Officer
The headers for every age on the market screen makes scrolling worse; can't see all of colonial and industrial in the same screenshot for example. If you want to trade between ages you need to be able to see between ages, and previously you could get 2 full sets of 5 lines (4 ages) visible on the screen.

All that needs to happen is make the market screen taller by the same space the headers added, so that we can still see all of one age, with it's next and previous age on the screen at the same time, without scrolling.
I always been annoyed with the ability to separate ages but all they needed was a thinker line or distinctive background. So it's better, but now there is a new problem.
I've noticed this as well on PC (Win10/Chrome).
Visitor count doesn't update during the day.
OH! Absolute crud!! One of my quests in todays daily was to collect 2500 silver. I have been watching my Tavern to fill up so I could collect and hopefully get enough on a 2nd round. Now I see it was full, but no idea how long and how many other tavern visitors I lost because of it. Only a couple hours until my Day is over and I will not likely find 12 more tavern visitors in that time. Never once thought I needed to actually go inside the tavern and see how many people were there - the counter always worked. Wonder how many months it will take to get that fixed. Probably far more important to pretty up the titles in the inventory screen now.

klods hans


For me the counting works, but reset to zero doesn't.
Emptied the tavern at 14/16 in this example, but the counter didn't reset to zero. Refresh needed. Every time.
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Pleased to see the Age headers for the goods, as it wasn't very clear previously, but can I suggest a slight amendment to the Market window? Now that the headers are brought in it makes setting up trades for certain Ages a bit more difficult. Wherever Ages are on two different lines, we can now no longer see all five goods for one of the Ages, so have to scroll up or down which is a bit of an annoyance. For example, if you're trading EMA to Iron Age, the screen is either going to cut off Cloth or Alabaster.
This could be fixed either making the screen slightly larger, just enough for one more line to fit in and compensate for the space that's now being used by the header.
As I just discovered, it appears not just the Tavern counter not updating - the Event ticket counter not updating either.
Counter on the screen showed only 2, which I thought odd, because I had expected a ticket to be added an hour or so ago. Enter the Event game window - and lo and behold, I have 3 tickets. Exit the game, counter on the screen still shows 2. Refresh the browser, and now the counter is showing 3.
Anyone else noticed that when you collect from your tavern, the visitor count stays as it was. I have to hard refresh and restart the game for the count to reset to 0/


Not to sure if this is a bug, a calculation thing or a hard cap. With them both being the same figure I would think theres still a cap but the figures dont seem right on the achievements.



I would like to see a player's era every time I click on someone's name, not just in the Global Ranking window. Like in the Guild Profile or the Great Buildings page. It's a really useful thing for new players who are looking to add other same-age players as friends.

And yes, the Tavern Visitor Count freezes.

Lady Art

Mobile Changes Only
We have added an option to disable "Victory" and "Defeat" animation banners after battles. These animations are already skippable with a simple tap, however, skipping hundreds of battles everyday could be repetitively annoying. Therefore, from now on you'll be prompted with a confirmation window to disable these animations upon skipping them 10 times.

This doesn't seem to work for a lot of people in my guild.
Also - if it's gonna work as intended, when are we getting that on PC?


Also - if it's gonna work as intended, when are we getting that on PC?
You never got the banners on PC they're referring to, therefore there'd be nothing to disable. It was added onto Mobile retroactively and now it's getting a disable option