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The Use of One Massive Self-Aid Kit as Two

Zeratul 2.0

Lieutenant Colonel
Not everyone is in a super, big, bustling & thriving guild of many people, and has a maxed out friend list -- so that all their buildings got polished and motivated every day, and they receive the message saying "Some-some-body has aided you but there is nothing to polish or motivate at this moment". No, not everyone is so lucky. And to reach the same effect they need to use the Massive Self-Aid Kit, which is rare, and valuable, and therefore should be used strategically.

The intuitive use of the Massive Self-Aid kit, without putting much thought to it, would often be wasteful. That is because people usually have a synchronized "collection time" of the day, and they collect the entire town at that point and they use the Massive Self-Aid Kit after such collection time of the day, which apparently should be the most efficient because the most number of buildings were affected -- but in truth it is not, because after such use of the kit, guild mates and friends would still aid later on, and there would be nothing left to aid and their aids would be wasted.

So, you might have guessed it now -- the strategic way to use the Massive Self-Aid Kit -- to use every one of them as effectively as normally two -- is that you should split your collection time. Half the number of your buildings should collect at one time say in the morning, and the other half in the evening. Maybe all the production buildings (supplies) in the morning and all the residentials (coins and forge points) in the evening. The production buildings have lower aid priority and the residentials (including specials) have higher priority. At the time of the collection of the supplies (production buildings), which have lower priority of being motivated, the higher priority ones would have been motivated; use your Massive Self-Aid Kit now, before collecting.

After using the Massive Self-Aid Kit, collect your lower aid priority production buildings immediately and set the production again, immediately. New aids from guild and friends would now motivate your newly set productions. Therefore, today, all your buildings would be movitated, and, because of the strategic use of the Massive Self-Aid Kit, tomorrow, ALL your buildings would be motivated also. Therefore you can just use the Massive Self-Aid Kit every other day to get the total and complete motivation of the city, instead of everyday. That's why this strategy can be called "the use of one Massive Self-Aid Kit as two".
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Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
Yeah. Or collect everything that's aided. Mass-Aid the rest, then collect whatevers finished. This would keep a single collection time and have a similar effect.

Exactly. Collect all special buildings that give multiple fp's. Those will be motivated. Use the mass aid kit and collect the rest. Your special buildings are now motivated immediately, so the other buildings will get moivated. No need to split collection time.