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Space Age Venus - Feedback


Have you tried using 8 energy canons of your own?
That's a good advice. It might not work for 2nd wave as it's very attack-dependent, but at least worth a try. When it's 8v8 of same units yours goes first, then one of enemy, then one of yours, etc. So if you hit the one that goes next, with some luck you'll kill it, and without luck you'll do some heavy damage so it won't damage yours that badly.

i obviously tried that combo 1 OD+7 Rogues
Just use 2 OD, be merciful to AI :) Yes, against fast units in later ages it's usually impossible to save first unit, unless it's stealth.

Blasters don`t always reach my units in the first round even thou the terrain always favours the enemy ( they can reach me, i can`t reach them in first round)
Use PD against #59, Luke. No need to reach anything, just shoot them :)

Xeon UK

Second Lieutenant

  • 20 forge points
  • 25 random goods (current era)
  • 25 random goods (previous era)
  • 10 light units
  • 10 ranged units
  • 10 heavy units
  • 10 artillery units
  • 10 fast units
  • 2 blueprints
  • coins
  • supplies
  • 100 forge points
  • 200 random goods (current era)
  • 100 random goods (previous era)
  • 10 rogues
  • 8 hour rush mass coins
  • 6 hours rush mass supplies
  • mass self aid kit
  • 5 blueprints
  • medals
  • one up kit
  • renovation kit
  • store building
  • Mysterious shard

These rewards don't look too bad, what is the approx. frequency of an uncommon shard?
The frequency of rewards is based upon the stated percentages - the chances of getting a shard increase with each level - works the same as the ToR.

For those that haven't noticed - the Shard 4 hour counter clock "appears" to reset when the GB levels.