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Not a Bug: Research cost on mobile doesn’t include fp in inventory

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Warrant Officer
That is the same on desktop.
I agree, the available fps should show.

I also have an other suggestion.
Instead of calling it "Research cost" call it "Remainder cost of research" (or something like that ) as I just discovered that it is changing and then I discovered because it shows what you need for to finish the rest of that age. There should be an indication of this or people like me going......what that a different number last time I looked at it ?! :)

Lord Grok

Master Corporal
@Emberguard the problem isn’t spending fp, it’s the research cost tool that shows the incorrect info. It currently shows the fp in your fp bar and does not include your inventory of fp, so the research cost always shows you don’t have enough to complete research for an age.


It displays it in the same manner as GBs at the top of the screen. The buttons on the tech itself are how much to put in, not what you have available.


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