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Ravenfyre's Hints & Tips for Daily Challenges

Discussion in 'Cafe Bookshelf' started by Skott Ravenfyre, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. Skott Ravenfyre

    Skott Ravenfyre Major

    Feb 22, 2018

    Introduced in December 2017, daily challenges added a new way for players to gain unique, rare and coveted rewards. Especially for emperors and empresses who ruled their empires through the app version of the game, which did not include the now-removed treasure hunt feature.

    When the daily challenge begins, emperors and empresses have a choice between two possible challenge chests, both containing different rewards.
    Once chosen, a series of between 2 and 7 quests will be issued, which will need to be completed in order to be rewarded either of the prizes from the chest that was chosen.
    After completing 7 challenges, the emperor or empress are rewarded with an additional chest called a Challenger's Chest, containing rare rewards.

    By default, daily challenges will begin at 8am server time (UK time). However this can be changed to a time that suits the emperor or empress:
    1. Open the quest panel and select the Daily Quest
    2. Select the blue icon with the cog wheels which is in the top-right of the Daily Quest panel
    3. Enter your preferred start time (remember, this is server/UK time. The current server time is provided here for you)
    4. Select the save button

    Some of the daily challenges can be, well, challenging. Which is the point really, isn't it? They're not called "daily free easy stuff". This guide aims to help you complete your daily challenges by providing hints and tips. However this guide will not contain any spoilers as to possible reward offers.
    Let's begin.

    DISCLAIMER: Please note that I am sharing this guide as a regular player, not a FoE team member. Nothing in this guide should be considered "official".



    Negotiation challenges are those which require you to give away some of your goods in order to acquire the reward.

    The possible negotiation challenges you might receive are:
    • Solve either 4, 8 or 12 guild expedition encounters
    • Solve either 4, 8 or 12 guild expedition encounters by negotiating
    • Solve either 3 or 4 guild expedition encounters by negotiating without losing in between
    • Acquire either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 sectors on the campaign map
    • Acquire either 1, 2, 3 or 4 sectors on the campaign map by negotiating

    Negotiation challenges are probably one of the easiest of the possible quests. Except maybe when you are asked to negotiate campaign map sectors, which might be difficult to those who have advanced on the map ahead of their age.

    Hints & Tips:
    • The best and quickest way to complete the guild expedition negotiations would be to use the extra turn boost which is available in your tavern. This boost gives you four instead of three negotiation turns, which can be the difference between winning and losing the negotiation, especially in higher levels. Activating this boost would also help towards any quests to use tavern silver, which will be discussed a bit further down.

    • I would personally advise choosing the 15 minute boost.
      The 30 minute and 1 hour extra turn tavern boosts would probably be a waste of your tavern silver, unless you plan on spending your medals or diamonds on additional expedition attempts.

    • It is possible to avoid getting challenges to acquire sectors by not having any provinces scouted on your continent map.
    I could go on about negotiation tactics to increase your chances of winning the negotiations with little loss of goods. However there are already plenty of excellent guides out there to help with negotiations, which I recommend. For example: GE video tutorial (Guild Expedition) with minimal resource loss, written by Goblin the Great King (click here).



    Fighting challenges are, of course, those which require you to fight an enemy. The difficulty of these challenges depends on the player's attack boosts and, if applicable, continent map progress.

    The possible fighting challenges you might receive are:
    • Solve either 4, 8 or 12 guild expedition encounters
    • Solve either 2 or 6 guild expedition encounters by fighting
    • Acquire either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 sectors on the campaign map
    • Acquire either 1, 2, 3 or 4 sectors on the campaign map by fighting
    • Defeat either 20, 30 or 50 units in battle
    • Win either 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 battles
    • Win either 2, 3 or 4 battles without losing in between
    • Defeat a selected army ranging from the sizes of very small, small, medium, large or very large

    Hints & Tips:
    • The first few armies in guild expedition are the easiest to defeat.

    • However if you have already passed this easy stage, the next easy way to kill troops or win battles is by attacking your neighbours. Some neighbours, for reasons of their own choosing, only have two spears defending their city. Which would certainly help with winning X amount of battles without losing. However those defences aren't so great if your challenge is to kill X amount of troops.
    • There is a third way to kill a set amount of troops, a rather sneaky way. Because the challenge does not require you to actually win those battles, you do not have to see the entire battle through. You could attack an enemy on the continent map or in guild expedition but abort the attack before the last enemy troop is killed. Rinse and repeat. This is actually helpful for those who gain this challenge but do not wish to attack neighbours or acquire any new sectors on the continent map just yet.

    • Remember that surrendering a battle also counts as a loss.

    • For the more challenging battles, such as defeating a pre-selected very large army, I would strongly advise you not to use auto-battle, but to fight the battle manually. Admittedly the auto-battle feature is not very intelligent. It makes mistakes, doesn't always use troop type bonuses, doesn't always use terrain bonuses and, perhaps most annoyingly, targets the enemy rogues far too early (which I personally believe should be considered a bug).

    • It is possible to avoid getting challenges to acquire sectors by not having any provinces scouted on your continent map.

    • Troops killed or battles won in guild versus guild also counts towards the challenge progress.

    • It really helps, especially for the more challenging battles, to have decent level attack great buildings in your city for these types of quests, such as the Statue of Zeus, Cathedral of Aachen and Castel del Monte, to give three examples. There is also an attack boost available in your tavern and there may be attack consumables in your inventory. All of these bonuses stack up. To see your current attack bonus percentage, look at the boost overview tab in your town hall.
    I could spend the next few paragraphs giving you more in-depth advice on fighting, but because there are already some brilliant guides and videos out there that covers this, you should check those out if you feel you need more help on winning battles. For example, the General Offensive/Defensive Military Guide (click here).

    Continued in the next post.
  2. Skott Ravenfyre

    Skott Ravenfyre Major

    Feb 22, 2018


    Tavern challenges are those which are related to the friend's tavern (really, Sherlock?!) and can vary in difficulty depending on how advanced your tavern is and how active your friends are.

    The possible tavern challenges you might receive are:
    • Collect either 1000, 1500, 2500 or 3500 tavern silver
    • Spend either 1000, 1500, 2500 or 3500 tavern silver
    • Visit either 10, 20, 30 or 45 taverns
    • Activate either 2 or 3 tavern boosts

    Hints & Tips:
    • Tavern challenges are, for the most part, dependent on your friends. Therefore it is extremely important that you manage your friends well by regularly checking they are active and removing them if they are not. You can tell someone is inactive by either monitoring their score or monitoring their tavern seats to see if there have been any changes or not. If you have, for example, 120 friends but can't even get a seat in 45 of their taverns - it's time to do some serious friend pruning.

    • You might not like what I have to say in the next sentence - It's your own fault for not managing your friend list if you are unable to complete most tavern challenges.

    • You should upgrade to the largest table size in your tavern as soon as possible and buy as many seats around the table as soon as you can. You should also have the floor and collection tray upgraded as well.

    • You should ideally have a fully upgraded tavern before you leave the Early Middle Ages - if not then you likely need to slow down. Forge of Empires is not a game that is intended to be rushed.

    • Collecting tavern silver from your own tavern as well as from friend's taverns will both count towards the silver collection progress. For this reason it's best not to visit your friend's taverns until after you have been issued the daily challenge of the day, otherwise you could be well and truly stuck if you are issued a tavern challenge.

    • Similarly, do not collect your tavern silver unless the collection tray is full, again especially if you haven't yet received the daily challenge of the day.

    • You can turn on mobile notifications in your in-game settings to notify you when your tavern is full. You should then clear it as soon as possible so more friends can sit in it.

    • Sometimes when friends do not have any spaces in their taverns, you'd need to return later and sit in them when your friend has cleared them.

    • For the challenges that require you to activate tavern boosts or spend tavern silver you could use the 15 minute extra turn boost or the 30 minute attack bonus boosts (multiple times if necessary). If you also have a fighting or negotiation challenge, it's a win-win, you can add progress to two of the challenges at once.

    • If you already have a 24 hour, 48 hour or 72 hour boost active in your tavern prior to the daily challenge starting, you will not receive a challenge to activate tavern boosts.


    General challenges are those which do not fit into the previous categories above.

    The possible general challenges you might receive are:
    • Spend some forge points (amount varies)
    • Donate some forge points to great buildings (amount varies)
    • Collect coins (amount varies)
    • Collect supplies (amount varies)
    • Collect some goods
    • Finish some timed productions
    • Donate some goods to the guild treasury
    • Motivate or polish some friend's buildings
    • Complete either 1, 2, 3 or 5 other quests
    • Gain some population
    • Gain some happiness

    Hints & Tips:
    • For the challenge to spend forge points, adding forge points to your own great buildings or those owned by other players will count towards the completion, as will investing forge points into researches.

    • Forge points can be acquired from certain buildings, guild expedition, quest rewards and you might find some packages in your inventory from previous rewards. Visiting taverns with tablecloths give a chance you get forge points. If you're lucky, sometimes you can plunder some from neighbours. You can also purchase forge points with coins or diamonds.

    • Collecting coins and supplies can be done simply by collecting from your buildings. Make sure your citizens are enthusiastic (120% happiness) to get a bonus. You can also use tavern boosts and consumables in your inventory to boost how much you collect. All of these plus great building bonuses will stack.

    • Collecting coins and supplies can also be done by selling non-premium buildings. Look into your inventory for buildings or decorations you don't want. Build then sell them to profit from them and progress towards the challenge.

    • Coins and supplies collected from other quest rewards and guild expedition will also count.

    • Collecting goods of course often requires you to produce goods in your goods buildings. But goods collected from other buildings (such as wishing wells) and great buildings will also count. As will goods collected as quest rewards and from guild expedition.

    • Goods collected from trades with other players or plundered from neighbours also count.

    • Coins, supplies and goods collected from random city incidents also count towards the relevant challenge progress. As do coins gained from aiding other players.

    • Challenges that require you to complete a certain number of timed productions, for example ten 4-hour productions, can easily be completed using bronze age blacksmith buildings. These buildings take up only 2x2 space. Ever wondered why high age players still have blacksmiths? Well now you know.

    • Motivating or polishing buildings is the easiest challenge to complete, you lucky jammy dodger! You have neighbours, friends and guildmates to choose from. It's best not to aid anybody until after you have been issued the daily challenge of the day, just in case.

    • If a player has no buildings which can be polished or motivated, but you still press the Aid button, it will not count towards the progress of the challenge, because nothing was actually polished or motivated.

    • Everybody gets recurring quests, which are brilliant for completing the daily challenge task of winning other quests. All recurring quests can be skipped too, so don't worry of you get one asking you do do some 24 hour productions for example.

    • During events, event quests also count towards the daily challenge of completing an amount of other quests.

    • You can gain population by building Bronze Age stilt houses. They take up 2x2 space and only take 10 seconds to build. Once built, sell it and then rebuild as many times as needed to complete the challenge.

    • You can also gain population by selling other buildings that use population, but this is not recommended unless you're updating your city.

    • You can gain happiness very easily by building decorations in your city. For example, Bronze Age statues, hedges, flowers and bushes use just 1x1 of your city space and take 5 seconds to construct. Build, sell and repeat as many times as needed.

    • Happiness can also be gained by replacing your roads. Simply select a road from the previous age in your build menu and paint over some of your existing roads. Then select the road from your current age and again paint over the roads you just replaced.

    • Check your inventory for houses or happiness buildings that you might have won in previous quests, building them also counts towards gaining population and happiness.


    There we have it, some hints and tips to help you complete your daily challenges. I hope this guide helps you in one way or another.

    Daily challenges are optional but they sometimes offer some excellent rewards, especially the challengers chest after completing 7 daily challenges.

    And of course, as already said at the start of this guide, daily challenges can be challenging. They're supposed to be. Imagine how many Iron Age players would have cities full of Wishing Wells if the daily challenges were always easy. It can be frustrating when you're struggling with a challenge - but losing is also a part of life, it happens from time to time.

    Now, go forth and challenge away!