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What are the chances of getting the same sniper in your neighbourhood after a neighbourhood change? It just happened to me. :(
Pretty likely. It’s based on your technological age, so if you’re both as advanced as each other then it’s pretty likely you’ll run into at least a few players in consecutive cycles.

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oh well, I guess another two weeks of getting attacked, plundered and P1 arc sniped by the same person who will not go away is doable, can find other better things to do.


If you already opened up all your arc levels (which it sounds like) and provided theres enough profit in 1st you can always set up P5 to be taken and ask the same person to also level when filling the postion add 50% for 1st straight away and leave like that for now then when 2nd is taken ask them top it off minus the amount extra they added to the previous level.


What those two said. If you don’t stock anything on previous age goods and are relying solely on trading current age for previous stock then you’ll have a much harder time keeping up.

If you look at the technology tree you’ll need current age and 3 ages below. But you’ll need the previous ages in higher quantities than you’ll need your current age stock. However you’ll find it far easier to get your current age goods while in that age then if you wait until later to obtain those goods because most of your rewards will be current age

And yes trading is a option, but the marketplace isn’t necessarily as active now as it once was due to event buildings being much more productive then they used to be in goods production.
Thank you for the explanation
I am in LMA after 42 days of starting the game and indeed struggling in all areas

How much of each good/era would you advice of having B4 moving to CA
Thank you for the explanation
I am in LMA after 42 days of starting the game and indeed struggling in all areas

How much of each good/era would you advice of having B4 moving to CA
The worst thing you can do is move up eras quickly, this is a long term strategy game and you need to build a solid foundation otherwise you will suffer the consequences for a very long time, lacking the resources to do anything


Warrant Officer
In some cases, especially if you know what you're doing, moving up as fast as you can is the *best* thing you can do :)
Moving LMA-CA for newbies is advised asap unless your guild is providing you with goods for free, which I think isn't the case here.
CA->LMA downtrade is one of the easiest in the game. Fighting is easier. More space. There is really no reason for LMA.

klods hans

How much of each good/era would you advice of having
Enough goods, fps etc to get you through the research tree of the next era + some.
You can see how much is needed in the research tree. Small button with 3 vertical bars in the top left corner.
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Warrant Officer
How much of each good/era would you advice of having
"Asap" in this context means as soon as you have enough to complete LMA tech tree :)'
If you're uncertain about if you can trade, make a pillow of 500 each LMA, it should be enough for negotiating 2 full GE, if I'm not mistaken.
You'll struggle a bit after moving due to lack of troops and/or goods, but increased city space will allow you to produce more goods, speeding you up in the long run. Duration of this "bit" depends on how many goods you're producing. Grenadiers are pretty far in the tech tree, so you'll probably be up and running even before teching to there. You'll be negotiating GBG anyway, and GE you can fight with grenadiers you get from GE and GBG if you're careful enough. Or negotiate it, at this point it's simpler.


Matt the Melancholic said:
According to the Wiki, it varies and you can expect between 10 and 15 per day. They do occur at random times, and some can be very tricky to spot. One looks just like another tree (another is a tree with a red dagger in it, which is easier to spot). Look out for fallen trees on the roads of your city! They can be hard to spot also!

Matt - you need to zoom in and look closer its a red kite caught up in the tree :)


In the last GBG round A2SI had 3 building slots; this round it has 1. Do they get shuffled or is this a nerfing?