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Polishers and Motivators of Fel Dranghyr... unite!


im getting "player does not exist" , checked spelling twice, what am i doing wrong?


@pink If thats your in game named for this world its telling me you dont exsist. As i already have Tualina in my friends list, are you sure your trying on the right world?


I polish and motivate daily, add me to your friends list, brucess


I'll add you Brahminator, as I need people to polish (only have 7 in my hood)


I have sent invitation to everybody here (Hope I did not miss anyone). Please add me as a friend if you want.

I polish/motivate every day. My name is Odovakar


feel free anyone here to add me, i polish/motivate daily, in game name pikakilla


I have too many friends on my list at the moment to be able to send requests, but if you can send requests, feel free to add me.

I will be clearing my friends list of all the deadwood that do not p/m in return


I did that a fortnight ago and reduced it from 139 to 67, and I am know only accepting friends over the 100000 points mark and in colonial age but I will not accept D'agar


I P/M pretty much every day. have 4500 pts and am in Iron Age. But I'm an experienced player and looking for friends. Thanks


For the time being, looking to add some friends myself. Only have one at the moment so figured he could use some company. ;)

IA, a couple of fps away from EMA, though an experienced player and actively M/P.


Hi Phantom, I have added you as a friend if you're interested in daily m/p

I accept friend invites (or can send some if interested) although quite low player at IA near EMA so if you're looking for BPs for an Alcatraz or whatnot I won't be a good addition to your friend list, however if you're willing to have active friends to boost you and potentially contribute to your GBs (unless they're at a ridiculous level haha) then please give me a shout.


Hi I Pol/mot 5-7 days a week will send u all invites
I have 60 spaces open lets find more people!


Hi guys, I've just cleaned up my friend list yesterday. At the moment, I have 50 slots for new friends to PM daily :). Please add me if you're interested! :D


Hi all, i am new player. and i active everyday. I like to M/P daily as you wish. Feel free to add me. In game name = MetroHero


I've recently started playing and am looking for a regular exchange of P&M as well as with making friends in the hope of either establishing a guild or joining one.

Any takers?

My IG name is PsiCorps.