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Polishers and Motivators of Fel Dranghyr... unite!


Are your peasants revolting? Would you like your city to gleam? Can you reciprocate every day?

If you have answered yes to these three questions then please add me as a friend!

I motivate/polish every day (for the last month) and am looking for equally consistent polishers and motivators.
My profile indicates the buildings I'd like polished/motivated and I currently am running with a mix of Iron and EMA age buildings with HMA buildings in about 3 days if you are also interested in BP possibilities.

My ingame name is Brahminator.

Thank you for your time :)


Same here, my game name is lixeira666.

I've sent you a friend request, Brahminator.


Brahminator, I'd like to add you but I don't know how.
Cheers, MM


At the far right of the bottom bar is an 'Invite a Friend' box with an orange 'Invite' button. Click the orange button and a window should open up. Select the 2nd tab (Friends List) and then put my name in and click the orange magnifying glass button. It should say it has sent me a request.

Hope this helps!


I forgot to mention myself. I may not get you all since my activity is quite busy this month, but I am trying my best :D
EDIT: back to active-ish. Will get you at least 2 days out of 3 if you get me at least that often ;)
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So that's it? The united motivators of Fel Dranghyr are... 12 guys? (I'm assuming all my friend requests came from this thread).

Come on, peeps! From me you may expect:

- daily (*) motivating/polishing
- I try to read your profile text and do as asked. Just ask nicely :p
- pretty good chance I help with at least a couple points to your great buildings
- absolutely nothing else!

(*) Your experience may differ.

Find me in game, my name is: lixeira666


Chief Warrant Officer
Hi lixeira666 and Brahminator ... I have sent the friend's invite to both of u ...



P.S: Anybody wants to be my friend just send me an invite ... I am ready to befriend everybody /anybody who sends me a request ...At the moment cannot contribute to GB's but I do pol / mot everybody everyday...
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Hi all , i'm looking to add to my friends list atm.
Please ask for a friend invite .
Ranked 3 .
have most GBs.
Only apply if you are a dedicated player .
Thanks, pbajoyce.
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hello everybody:)
i am looking for some more active players to complete my friends list (preferably from LMA but i'll accept all) i polish/motivate every day and have few GB's.
thank you


Daily polisher/motivator!
Will read your desires for polishing or motivating.

forum name=game nickname


I will polish/motivate daily :). Add me if you can do the same ;). Game name = iJokerZ


For those who see , add me to your friends. More blueprints for all.
Wow should be more response to this thread. but I am going down the list inviting all here to friends list.
edit added. Put your in game name in text it can then be copy and pasted easier.
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Ok I've got a full friends list so can't take anyone else for the moment.


Add me in, Neodreadlord - polish motivate and Add easter eggs regularly


Pretty new here so looking for people to add to friends list. I am early mid age and p/m everyday.


[no longer looking for friends, but thanks anyway !]
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