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Persistent Need !


Event History is the most visited location daily, and I have read several posts requesting the creation of a shortcut to Event History, knowing that I did not find in your lists (Do Not Suggest) what makes this shortcut prohibited. I hope that you will fulfill this simple and important requirement as soon as possible, because I am sure you are keen to facilitate access within the game. Thank you very much!

klods hans

lol i almost never use event history
Same. I rarely use the Event History. Maybe sometimes to see who has taken my trades. Or to see who has plundered me, but that almost never happens.
Actually, I find it rather annoying that the Event History tends to pop up every time you start the game.
A shortcut or a more direct way to enter Event History would be useful though, of course, for those players who use it often.
I'm a little curious, though, how the Event History can be "the most visited location daily".
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Thank you all

I - and many - do not aid friends, neighbors and guild mates except through the event history! I suggest all of you to try it for days in a row, and then you will only help with it. To have a Truce Tower you have to enter there multiple times until your allowed number of merchandise runs out. And when you're playing in multiple worlds and you have to do that many times a day, you need to have a shortcut for it.

I think there is no need for (LOL) at all ! :P

klods hans

To have a Truce Tower you have to enter there multiple times until your allowed number of merchandise runs out.
What? :? Why?
I just aid the highest era players on the social bar first to get the best goods from Truce Tower. Don't need Event History for that.
Well, different play styles. Fair enough.
I don't mind an Event History shortcut, but I wouldn't use it.
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I use event history for culling inactive friends, not truce tower. Friend list maintenance only needs culling if I need room on the list.

Truce tower is better from social bar where you can see age of player