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Closed November Kindness Contest


FoE Team
Co-Community Manager
November KindnessContest

November has many holidays that involve doing things for other people. World Kindness Day is this month. How do you celebrate this day?

The world could certainly use more kindness. Let us know how you would show kindness to others. Write a 100-200 word paragraph of a way to bring a little bit of kindness to your family, friends, or even strangers. It could be as simple as writing letters to soldiers overseas or as complex as setting up an event to donate food, clothing or goods to those in need.

2 Winners will be randomly chosen to win 1000 diamonds and 20 of each good of your current age in the world of your choice each!

  • 2 winners will be chosen randomly from the entries to win 1000 diamonds and 20 of each good of your current age in the world of your choice each.
  • Your entry must be 100-200 words and be about how you bring kindness to others.
  • Only entries posted on this thread will be counted.
  • Any entry made after the close time will be removed.
  • There is to be only one entry per player, and any player who places more than one entry will be disqualified.
  • The Community Management Team is the final arbiter of the rules.

Information! The contest will run from November 12 through November 25, 9:00 pm server time.


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Groovy Prof

I give advice on how to maximise city builds and put fp on their GB's levels 1 - 5 to help them get started
Encourage and advise how best to tackle GbG so they can benefit from extras earn't there. Give examples of what is possible to obtain from GbG in average day We also welcome back ex guild mates after they have had a break.
Have set up a 'Nice one Centurion' thread which congratulates guild mates on achievements.
Sporadically run a music / film quiz with fp rewards
Have also given real life advice,


Through my website and videos I try to promote mental health and to show that having poor mental health does not mean we are weaker than other people.

Far too many men commit suicide and if we could encourage them to speak up, to seek help, then we may not lose as many. Men are brought up being told “man up”, boys don’t cry” and so it encourages the suck it up attitude and that is very damaging!

So I hope through my posts, through my blog posts and videos to help men to see that it is okay to ask for help. I wish that back in the late 80’s I had spoken up and sought help, but the environment that I worked was a very strong male workplace and I was ashamed and afraid to say that I needed help and so my mental health spiralled and I quit a job that I loved and I regret that to this day.

So my act of kindness is to show men it is okay to ask for help!]

You are not weak!
I try to give kindness to people by listening and caring about what they have to say, while trying to make each person I talk to more comfortable with themselves as well as help them see the brighter side of things rather than the darkness. I try to become more aware and understanding of problems that people are facing because of their gender, sexuality or skin color. Once I am more aware than others it also becomes my job to spread the awareness among people less aware of the discriminatory situations. Only when humanity understands the problems that all kinds of minorities are facing, we will be able to overcome them together.


Entire world is one big family. Kindness is considered a basic human right of all. As part of human family is my duty to be kind to others :)...my way of showing kindness to my FOE family would be to contribute forge points to ones in need, listen to problems and show empathy to my fellow players who may be going through alot in their lives, share my learnings with other players and pray for welfare of all..these basic acts of kindness will create a ripple effect carrying forward to other in their interaction with others creating more kinder and liveable earth..


I try to do to others as I would like them to do to me, I work as a hairdresser and if my customers can not come to my salon due to immobility or they are too old/sick, I just get in the car and go home to them, sometimes I pick them up and drop them off home after treatment as well, if they need something done that can not be done in their homes.
In my spare time I like to do some knitting and other handy crafts, and as my family has more than enough knitted garments, I tend to knit blankets, socks, hats etc to send to childrens homes in Nepal and South Africa.


So much strife and hardship these days makes for a non-holiday spirit. I like to prepare food and deliver it to my neighbors with a smile. I enjoy giving the local food banks donations for food to the needy. Happiness starts with good will and good food.


I've given food to foodbanks and various institutes that make meals from donations. I've given clothes and gifts to friends in need. In actual fact, today, I have two bags of toiletries and clothes to go to the Women's Refuge. I try to follow the think before you speak rule (before you speak ask yourself if what you are going to say is true, is kind, is necessary, is helpful. If the answer is no, maybe what you are about to say should be left unsaid). The biggest things, though are a hug (if needed), not to judge but most importantly to listen, just listen.

* Force *

My wife and i started a project in our local disadvantaged community. We go to the place where the parents leave their children when they go to work. We hand out little parcels for all the kiddies containing sweets and little toys. For the boys little cars and for the girls little dolls. It gives us much joy to see the pure joy on their faces when they get it because most of their parents are very poor and cannot afford luxuries like that. They can hardly make ends meat. We also gave them a microwave oven to warm their food and sometimes bring them pens and books to write in. We cannot give much more because we are also not rich and live from our life savings as we are both now 60 and on pension.
The act of letting someone know that they are special by spending quality time with them is the way I pass on kindness. Sit down for a cup of tea/coffee and a chat, an hour or more focussed on just them, a phone call, a drive to their chosen place.
Spend time.
Make someone a special meal or snack just for them, drop by for a visit simply to say hello, play a board or card game with them, help them move house or mow their lawn. Write someone a letter, a physical pen to paper letter, include a card, a photo, a small gift.
Go and kick a ball/throw a ball/hit a ball with them.
Spend your time, on them.
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Well for an act of kindness and since i never win anything EVER! That saying "The luck of the Irish" is just a myth. And I am sure I'm not alone in being unlucky, were I to win, I would gift 5 people 100 diamonds each as well as 10 goods each, to spread the wealth and make a few people feel some luck this holiday season,
I do not know if this will qualify, but my act of kindness was to my Son and Daughter in Law, they have 4 kids under 8, the youngest 2 are 18 months and 4 months and my son and his wife are really struggling, so to help them out I went out and bought $650 worth of groceries for them so that they would have food to put on the table, I also advocate for people with respiratory issues and help them get on the Transplant register :))


We put our Christmas decorations up the first week of November; this way our friends, neighbors, passer byers, and family can remember this is the season to be grateful for all we have. I do this to show all my many children the these family traditions are a good thing and are fun. And bring a little joy or some smiles out.
Have a Wonderful Holiday Season and Stay Safe and Healthy,


I am a therapist in Tallahassee, Florida. I provide free services in surrounding communities to the poor as a volunteer and as a part-time employee under a grant that offers the opportunity for me to go into a local county jail and counsel people who have substance use disorders and mental illnesses. I donate my time giving rides to poor folks to AA meetings, doctor appointments, job interviews and other important meetings. I would like to establish housing for the homeless with mental health and substance use problems transitioning to stable housing. I also donate my time to providing transportation and connection to services for the disabled including people who are blind, have muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, mental health, and learning disabilities.
I used to speak at schools to educate on drug use effects and tell my own story to share my experience, strength, and hope with high risk kids and would like to establish a speaker circuit covering multiple counties who also share time leading peer led groups in the schools to talk about disability, drugs and alcohol, and mental health and community engagement. I hope to help the poor and disadvantaged establish a sense of pride and community to rise above and make a difference locally. I hope to establish as a spin off a volunteer program to help the elderly with daily living and loneliness.
Thank you for reading this,


I can always pay a visit to my friend's city and show my compassion and act of kindness. I can do this by communicating how I understand and care for my friend. I have to be vocal about her feelings toward the subject, giving an emotional response to what my friend is telling me. To consider another's feelings when making decisions is a very good deed. I am by no means saying that I'll put the needs or desires of my friend before my own. In doing so, I'm also validating my friend's feelings which is already an act of kindness greater than any.



Kindness is one of the seven virtues. The right and loving attitude to other people can be defined. “Kindness is a sign that deaf people can understand and blind people can see.”

Adolescence is an action, which spreads joy, pleasure without boundaries, universal joy.

Nature is so kind to us that it helps civilizations flourish. Nature has its own ways to express thanks and kindness.

Kindness is the fundamental motivation behind nature. Every religion teaches goodness. In special situations, love is not a virtue to be adopted or showcased. But in all areas of life it can be very well adjusted. Showing kindness to neighbors and fellow workers contributes to developing a positive social environment. Even the little decisions and selfless acts of kindness can contribute to the creation.

This world gives a positive impression of being kind to others, making it a better place to live.


I live in a small village where everyone knows just about everyone else and there is a fair few older people living alone with only a cat or dog for company. I'm a dog person and I walk 4 dogs twice a day for some that struggle to get out to walk the them. As winter creeps in and the dark mornings and dark evenings along with the cold and wet I will often be asked by others if I could walk their dog too so the colder and wetter it gets and if we get snow I'll get more calls. I was once told I'm nuts going out in all weathers to walk other peoples dogs, I told them I do it because it helps them and me too as not only is it giving them exercise it's giving me exercise and dogs are awesome fun and good to be around.


This year I have started to be a volunteer at a local school that has a group of at risk teenagers. I, with several others, are being positive adult role models to them through a mentorship program and each Friday, after school, we run a program that not only is fun and enjoyable, but covers deeper life questions. The goal is to give them hope, be a positive role model, and help them make beneficial life-choices taking them away from a path of destruction. Already we are seeing steps in the right direction. The next step is to see some older students be "big brothers & sisters" to younger students.


One way I bring kindness to others is by visiting my elderly parents in their separate Rest Homes. Mum is in a dementia Home, while Dad is another Home (and is in a wheelchair).

It is not just about “visiting Mum and Dad”, but also about the respect, gratitude, and kindness that I show towards the staff and other residents.

I always thank the poorly-paid staff and enquire about their lives. They do great work.

I also like to acknowledge other visitors, especially those at Mum’s dementia Home. It is sad to see the effect dementia has on family members, and any smile or hello I can give to these people is the least I can do.

Sometimes I prioritize visiting Dad – who is more with-it than Mum. For example, it was their wedding anniversary recently of 52 years, and I took Dad out for a drive. I did this to acknowledge the occasion, and also because this is what Mum would have wanted me to do .

Mum rarely recognizes family members and has limited speech. I try and find the good points of when she does speak or do things, and I pass these little moments onto Dad.