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Closed November Kindness Contest


I'm a calm person, and I like to observe and answer to people needs - visiting elders and listen to their stories, making a drawing for my friend's children, because they love receiving them and putting on the walls of their room. I also help my other friend's teenage kid with English. I give free lessons to people who need some help in school. I always try not to miss any occasion to appreciate someone - some change in their looks, their work, their kindness or other virtues. I see that it motivates them to do more, but I do it because I enjoy seeing them smile. When I see someone sad I offer a conversation. I always stay in touch with my family and talk with each member on regular basis. I have a group of friends and we often help the community we're living in. In autumn we help people with their crops, also when someone needs transportation, to move something or just to go in some place. Together with a friend we did a small renovation in the house of one of our neighbours. These are all small things for people living next to me - family, friends and the community.


I am an Immigration Lawyer based in Australia and I recently did a case for a person in 'Detention'. His was a deserving case and I ran the matter 'pro bono' which means "For Free". The feeling of satisfaction and the person's relief was reward enough!

King Twills

My daughter and I are New Zealanders living in Thailand doing voluntary aid work with a Thai Foundation. We came here together after my wife passed away. Near to my home an elderly homeless man lives in a small shack. He has little food. At least once a week we take him some extra food, maybe some cake my daughter has made, or I cook an extra meal and take it to him. He is lonely, his family never visit him, so we try and say hi and chat in our limited Thai to him as we pass by if he is around. We also give him empty plastic water bottles which he collects and can then sell for money. And in the FOE game I like to chat with and help new players get established and share my knowledge of how to progress and develop in the game


FoE Team
Co-Community Manager
Thank you all for the wonderful ideas. I hope you are all able to find ways to celebrate kindness.

Winners will be announced soon.


FoE Team
Co-Community Manager
And the winners are:

Marjoram Blackstump

Congratulations! I will be in contact with you soon.

Stay tuned for our next contest.