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New Ranking


Dear Players,

In the last months we've been frequently receiving feedback regarding the ranking not representing your in-game achievements and activity (including Great Buildings and the ranking points they provide). There are indeed some inconsistencies in the ranking that arose during the years.

To handle this problem, we have decided to introduce some changes in this area of the game. We spent some time considering what would be the best approach and we agreed that some major changes are needed in order to improve the current setup.
Major balancing changes will obviously cause major ranking shake-up: Many players will get a higher position in the ranking, but just as many will go down the ranking.

The majority of the players who will lose their position are players with very high level Great Buildings, because their value will be much more reasonable from now on. To symbolically compensate the loss and to give everyone an opportunity to preserve the memory of their dominance in the old ranking setup, we will save a top 25 players from the day before the recalculation and put the list right here in the forums. Additionally, all players with at least 1000 ranking points (when the recalculation takes place) will receive a city decoration that will be a proof of their achievement:

Top 1% of all the players with at least 1000 points will receive a Golden Sword Statue.
Top 10% of all the players with at least 1000 points (excluding top 1%) will receive a Silver Sword Statue.
Top 50% of all the players with at least 1000 points (excluding top 1% and top 10%) will receive a Bronze Sword Statue.
All the remaining players with at least 1000 points will receive a Stone Sword Statue.

These decoration will not be obtainable in any other way in the future.

How exactly will the ranking change?
On 18th of February, 2016, the points formulas will be adjusted and the ranking will be recalculated. From that point on, it will base on 3 parts:

  • Battle points. This is the same as in the current setup. All the battle points (from all battles you fight) will count towards the ranking, just like they do now (and with the same value). Also all the current ranking points that come from your battles will be kept.
  • Goods spent. Whenever a good is spent, its point value will be added to the ranking (research tree, Great Buildings, sector negotiation and so on). The only exception is trading - goods spent there will not be counted towards the ranking (to avoid possible abuses). The goods values differ depending on their age (the higher the age, the higher the value). Points for all the goods spent until now will be retroactively added to the ranking.
  • Buildings points. All the buildings in the game will have a points value calculated basing on their size, era and type (event and premium buildings are a bit more valuable than other, standard buildings).
While the changes for most of the low-age buildings will not be substantial (comparing to the current setup), the high-age buildings will become more valuable.
Great Buildings points value will also change significantly. They will still be much more valuable then any other non-Great buildings from their eras, but this value will not be that high any more.

The ranking value of a GB will consist of 3 parts:
  • Standard building value - a value of a normal building from the same era and of the same size.
  • Value of goods that need to be spent to build it initially.
  • Value of Forge Points that have been put in to build it up, up to the current level (summarized).
To give you an idea about the GB values in the new setup: a certain Great Building that on level 70 in the current system provides you with 403.625.386.158 points (as you can see - and as you have pointed out on multiple occasions - this was really throwing the ranking off balance) will now be worth reasonable 1.104.660 points. While the details can still change (exact values of Forge Points and goods), so the final value can be a bit higher or a bit lower, the general rule will remain.

The recalculation will change the ranking significantly and we are sorry about this inconvenience. This is also the reason of why we are giving you this early heads-up (there are still more than 2 months to go).
We do see a value in the changes that you've been requesting and we hope that this will solve the ranking issues once and for all. From February on, the ranking will be recalculated regularly (this is not the case currently), so if any ranking points are incorrectly added or removed (e.g. due to a bug), such an inaccuracy will be solved with the next recalculation.

Thank you for your patience and remember to leave us your feedback!

Sincerely yours,
Forge of Empires Team


Dear Players,

The ranking recalculation day is coming. We have already tested it on Beta (the recalculation is done there already) and we are now sure that it’s stable and performs well :). Nevertheless, we have a few things to communicate before the recalculation takes place.

First of all, the recalculation requires a short update that will look just like any other one. During that time the ranking will be recalculated and the rewards (based on the old ranking) will be granted as described in the original announcement. When you regain access to the game, you will be able to see that the ranking points changed in the main ranking window, but it will take some additional minutes for the new values to be also fetched by social bars, tooltips etc. So the short-term inconsistencies are not a bug.

As you remember, we have also mentioned that we will make sure that inconsistencies won’t be happening. To achieve that, we will be doing a nightly recalculation every day around 4 AM local server time that will eradicate any possible problems with points and the ranking.

In the meantime we’ve also discovered a so called ‘edge case’ that we’d like to mention: if you build a Great Building, you will receive points for goods that you have spent on setting up the construction site. Please have in mind that if you remove that Great Building at some point in the future, you will lose the points that you have gotten for putting it in your city. In fact very few players ever delete their Great Buildings, but it’s only fair if we mention it anyway.

And last but not least: we have received quite a few questions regarding specific values of Forge Points, base buildings value, goods from each age and so on. We understand that you wish to know them, however we would like to refrain from publishing them for now. We have invested a lot of time into the development of the new ranking calculation system and we tested it extensively, but the production environment is always different than test environment. As we want to be sure that the new system is flawless, we will wait a few weeks, make sure that the new ranking performs as expected and then we will publish the values or introduce changes (which of course will be also announced). You have our word :].

Thanks for your understanding and happy forging! :)

Forge of Empires Team


Dear Players,

It has been brought to our attention that player points gained for placing goods into a treasury, where the guild has been disbanded, will not be added into the recalculation of player rankings. This is due to the fact that the data was stored within the guild, not on the player side. From Monday forward, even if a guild is disbanded, all donations to a treasury will result in points being added to a player's ranking.

The Forge of Empires Team