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music debate Whats better Metal or pop music


Chief Warrant Officer
Rules: no songs containing profanity
link songs from Youtube
If a song has a swear word must be in a spoiler and say it contains swearing
Do not go off the topic of music
Feel free to criticize music tastes as long as it is not too harsh ::)


Chief Warrant Officer
are the metal singers or pop singers better
I think metal singers are better cause all pop singers cant sing metal but metal singers can sing pop


doesnt mean
It's practically the only non-subjective way to measure popularity so I will stick to my definition.

Just like with FoE GBs:
Is Arc better than the Galata tower? Sure.
Why is it better? Because it's more useful, generating a higher income.
Does that make it more popular? Of course.

Arc might be a total eyesore that looks like a bloated rotting corpse of a hippopotamus while galata looks good but that's subjective, ergo hard to discuss...


actually metal singers have more powerful voices
Do they really though?

I mean, you can say that but I have yet to see a properly researched, peer reviewed study with empirical evidence that would back this claim.

Not only that, one has to ask a question if in the age of professional sound systems a "powerful" voice is even necessary. Musicians, on stage or in a studio, have so many tools at their disposal that I'd argue it's more important to have a good workshop, ie technique and well written music with good lyrics, than it is to have a "powerful" voice.