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Closed Haiku Contest

Not open for further replies.

Forkin Line

"Southern Hemisphere" Entry for the Haiku competition.

'Autumn is with you
Spring for us invites the heat.
I wish I lived there.'

Written by Forkin Line
November 8th, 2022.
Perth, Australia.

Marcus A

Southern Hemisphere (spring)



In pouring sake


Here's my Haiku for the competition:

The dry leaves rustle
When children scuffle through them
Making happy sounds too


Name of Poem - The Feeling of Autumn
The cold autumn winds,
The soft crunch of leaves beneath,
With fireplaces crackling.


Southern Hemisphere
“Troops swarm, Spring warms forth
Blades of Grass meet Blades of Swords
Empires!... newly Forged!”


Hey there Forge fans,

The colourful Autumn months have inspired the poets for generations, and now its your turn! We want to hear your haikus, inspired by the beautiful months of Fall (or for our Southern Hemisphere players - Spring ;) ). To enter the competition, just submit your Haiku in the replies below - don't worry, no one will be able to see them until the competition is over! The haiku can be on any topic related to the autumn - a spooky ghost poem, an ode to Autumn or whatever takes your fancy. If you live in the southern hemisphere and want to make your haiku about spring, just start your reply with the line "Southern Hemisphere".

What is a haiku?

So your poem should have three lines. The first with 5 syllables, the second with 7 syllables, the third with 5 syllables again.
For example:

“The Old Pond” by Matsuo Bashō
An old silent pond (5 syllables)
A frog jumps into the pond— (7 syllables)
Splash! Silence again. (5 syllables)

The winner will win 1000 diamonds, with two runners up winning 500 diamonds each. The Community Management Team will judge the results.

  1. The winner will be decided upon by the Community Management Team
  2. The winners must have an active account on the International English (EN) server to be awarded a prize.
  3. The Haiku format should be followed, in cases of ambiguity, the Community Management Team will judge.
  4. Only entries posted on this thread will be counted.
  5. Any entry made after the close time will be removed.
  6. There is to be only one entry per player, if a player answers twice, only the first answer will be counted.
  7. All forum rules apply.
  8. The Community Management Team is the final arbiter of the rules.
The contest will run from November 7th, 2022 until November 17th, 2022 19:00 pm server time.
A wet Autumn day
Leaves falling and rain to stay
I love this season
Not open for further replies.