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Closed Haiku Contest

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Welcome Autumn

Here comes the autumn!
Lets prepare for winter chills,
Enjoying nature's thrills.

Birds are on flight,
bewitching shapes for our sight,
Chirping from all sides.

Leaves falls everywhere,
Seems painful and sorrowful,
Though so colourful!

Changing time of days,
Ocean moves with crazy waves,
Grey cloud all to gaze.

Festivals all lined,
With delightful feasts yumm treats,
glad we got to meet.

Tourism is on boom,
Oh no schools will open soon :(
It's so cooling cool!

Autumn comes every year
so inspiring so sublime
Yes I am all fine :D

Ras Putin

Autumn from a Rooftop in Greece - by Ras Putin

Lavish is the arc
Of the stars in the night sky,
Jasmine their perfume.


FoE Team
Community Manager
Thanks for your entries everyone! These look incredible, we will have a tough job picking the winners! Nonetheless, we will announce the winners by daily calculation (8pm server time) on Monday. Good luck everyone!


FoE Team
Community Manager
We've had so many great entries that we will extend the judging by a day, until tomorrow at reset to ensure everyone gets fair consideration :D


FoE Team
Community Manager
We liked the entries so much, we've decided to extend the rewards! We will give two 1st prizes of 1000 diamonds and 4 runner up prizes of 500 diamonds each. Its sad that we cannot give all entries a reward as they were great! But we have deliberated and the following entries were the winners of 1000 diamonds each:

Marcus A for the lovely Japanese inspired spring haiku
Bernie the bolt for the spooky Halloween inspired entry

And the runners up with 500 diamonds each are:

Nadine of the North
Gwythyr Dewr

Congratulations winners, we will be crediting you with your prizes shortly, and will send an ingame ticket when done so you know its completed. And a big thank you to all entries, we loved reading them all - picking winners was very tough!
Not open for further replies.