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Goods Deposits / Goods Boosts


OK so now I am completely confused , having reached CE , and having now defeated half the CE Map , it has given me the Deposit to produce / Boost Rubber , which ,,,, if my estimation / Research is correct , Boosts ONLY Rubber , which is NOT Needed as a boost for ANYTHING Beyond Rubber , so WHY place that particular Boost on the CE Map , I have checked all other Goods Buildings all the way through to Frozen Future Era and all the way back to Colonial Age , NO Other Goods needs the Rubber Boost to produce , or Rubber Goods to pay for Other Goods , or am I wrong ?? please advise , Thanks , Rumble


Never Mind , I have found that Semi Conductors require Rubber to pay for , Unfortunately , Semi Con also needs The Jewellery Deposit to Boost the production of Semi Con ,,,,, which I DONT have , so Rubber Deposit is totally useless unless Inno decides to give me the Jewellery boost as well